Impact of Technology on Logistics and Transportation

technology in logistics and transportation

MTL Companies, a reputable shipping and trucking company from Brooklyn Park which offers on-Demand logistic services explains the impact of technology on logistics and transportation.

Technology has changed the way the world does business. Its evolutions have made business easier, faster and more reliable. Today, everything is online and our access to it is just at our fingertips. It is now possible to receive your order within hours of ordering depending on where you stay. Great, right?

This technology advancement is now very notable in the logistics and transportation industry. Every sector in the industry such as international transportation, trucking transportation, is now benefiting from the technology wave that has turned the world around for good.  It has helped in improving productivity in supply chain management and tracking shipments and it has helped in the reduction of cost and error. Technology has revolutionized logistics by providing solutions to unsolved problems. The use of technology such as better data analytics and artificial intelligence, has also helped to digitize logistics and transportation. Therefore, all companies need to keep up with this new change and grow continuously. This will help them stay relevant, become more productive and efficient, and also grow their businesses. MTL Companies explains ways in which technology is impacting logistics and transportation.

1. Tracking System during Shipment

Before customers are only given an estimated date for delivery and have to make phone calls to know what is going on. Today, customers now have access to track their shipment from the first day until it is delivered. The use of the internet and developed software has given customers the ability to access their shipment and also track them 24/7. This change has helped many logistics companies including MTL Companies. Instead of listening to customer’s complaints and questions about their shipment, customers now have access to all information online. Also, any changes made can be sent to them via automated messages.

The tracking system has also made it possible to track trucks and goods. GPS and other tracking devices give you information about them. You get to know if they are being delayed or on time. And in case of any emergency, it is very easy for you to come to their rescue. This has helped both companies and customers manage and monitor shipments.

2. Self-driving Trucks and Fleet

Self-driving trucks are now the new trend in the transportation industry. Imagine a world where a computer drives you from one place to another. Or where you receive your packages from an autonomous fleet. Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many transportation companies are now testing self-driving cars that can deliver goods without any risk for both the customers and drivers. Autonomous cars are already working in some places. With the innovation to develop self-driving trucks, many supply chain management in logistics are now adopting this new technology. Although they are still not widely used, they are already changing many supply chains in many logistics companies.

3. Improved GPS Accuracy 

According to the experts of MTL Companies, few years ago, drivers had to printout directions from the system before they set out on any route. As new techniques are developed, the use of GPS started improving. Today, everyone now makes use of GPS. While some are built-in on vehicles, others use the GPS on their cell phones to navigate their routes. The accuracy of GPS has increased drastically over the years, it does not only assist lost drivers to get their route but it has also improved the supply chain. The advanced GPS accuracy updates you on traffic data and also shows you a faster route. It has also helped the logistics companies to track their trucks. This has increased productivity and increase customer satisfaction


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