6 Technology Trends For 2022

Randon Morris - Technology Trends

According to Randon Morris, the technology world keeps evolving and thanks to the pandemic which has hastened the adoption of various technologies in different sectors. The technology trends this year will be influenced one way or the other by the pandemic. Many of which will change the way we relate with people, how we live and work. Over the last few years there has been much focus on better customer experience and mobility but this year better and smarter options are expected. The pandemic has brought about working from home which was greatly embraced by some organizations with many people now working remotely. Many companies are now thinking beyond the physical office which is where technology plays an important role.

Here are the technology trends given by Randon Morris, which impact every sector including health, entertainment and others.

1. Better Gaming Experience

With the improvement in technology, game lovers should be expecting a better gaming experience this year. Investors seem to have noticed the massive market opportunity the gaming world provides or probably because of the increased gaming interest in people. There might be more focus on producing better mobile gaming experiences for people around the globe because, in comparison to other gaming types, mobile games are said to be more accessible. Mobile games, PC games and console gaming are expected to have advanced improvement and performance to provide players with a more realistic game.

2. Automation

Many companies are opting for automation to carry out different types of tasks and this year more technology that promotes automation should be expected to be in trend, says Randon Morris. Automation is beneficial to companies and organizations as it helps them fast track performance time and also improves the accuracy of performing various types of tasks. This year as many companies are planning to accelerate the process and effectiveness of performing their task there will be room for tasks that can be fully automated to be automated. This will create more time for the employees and employers to be creative and focus on tasks that cannot be automated.

3. Real-time Supply Chain Solutions

During the pandemic period, the vulnerabilities and shortcomings of the global supply chain became more prominent. This is what helped the industrial companies realize that the traditional supply chain solutions cannot be enough to sustain them in this present world and time. They now see the need to adopt better, adaptable and smart supply chain tools. As a means for both manufacturers as well as their supply chain managers to minimize their dependency on global partners and remain competitive in the digital world. There have been demands for supply chain solutions that can help industrial companies make changes to both the manufacturing workflow and product design in case they could source alternative components and materials.

4. Health Tech

The healthcare sector will also be experiencing improved technology to create a better health care system. Both the health care professional and the patients are now seeing the need to adopt health tech and you should not be surprised to see the health care system moving towards digital models. With different wearable devices, connectivity and voice assistants becoming part of the health care system it is easier to provide better health care with technology. With the help of artificial intelligence in the health sector, health care professionals will be able to provide more accurate assistance to patients. The virtual assistance that is made available in the health sector can provide easy access to remote home-based patients for monitoring and educating them on health issues.

5. Experienced-based Technologies That Focused on Consumer

Many companies are taking advantage of the advancement in technology to improve their customer experience and create better ways to connect with them. Technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are already changing consumer’s experiences like the means through which they make decisions, purchase a product and also collect information. This year as more companies will be striving to create a better purchasing experience for their customers, it is expected to see more experienced-based technologies in trend.

6. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

The non-fungible tokens are a digital asset that stored data on a blockchain and is already changing the online market. Please note that NFTs is different from any blockchain cryptocurrencies. Technically the NTF contain any digital file like audio, photos, videos, drawing and GIFs and each NFT are uniquely different from the other. One can buy and sell the ownership of digital assets with NFTs and make use of the blockchain platform to keep a record of the person that owns the asset. Goods and products that have been on the internet for free can now be revalued with the help of NFTs.

In Conclusion

Randon Morris believes there could be more technology trends for the year 2022 apart from those listed in this post based on how technology keeps evolving and improving. Other technology trends such as virtual reality will change the way workers or employees interact with one another as companies are leaning toward remote workers and outsourcing instead of investing in their IT infrastructure.


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