What is the Restaurants Secret to Lebanese Cuisine in Parramatta?


Lebanese restaurants are making more of an appearance in Sydney, especially in Parramatta, bringing forward a rich culture and cuisine to the local people. These restaurants are making a mark, serving some of the best Lebanese cuisines in Sydney.

How do they do this? It’s simple. Lebanese restaurants do it right by making sure they remain true to their culture by incorporating simple ingredients and fragrant spices to deliver delicious dishes.

Lebanese restaurants in Paramatta and all over Sydney use a range of core ingredients that you should know about.

A View of Parramatta River and Lebanese Cuisine; Could it Get any Better?

There is something remarkable about sitting with a view. But there is something even more impressive about dining decadently alongside this view.

For Lebanese restaurants, no meal is served without sourcing the perfect ingredients. Every little addition makes a big difference. Here are some ingredients essential to the perfect meal:

Chick Peas: This ingredient is one many don’t associate with Lebanese cuisine. However, it is central to many key dishes which are served in Lebanese restaurants in Sydney and Parramatta. This ingredient is one of the fundamental elements of falafel and hummus. Without chickpeas, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy these favorites!

Falafel: Loved by EVERYONE, including vegetarians and vegans! These crunchy balls are made of chickpeas and a bunch of other spices which are rounded into balls and then fried. Falafel is usually served as a Mezza option at Lebanese restaurants in Parramatta. However, they can be served in a pita wrap, filled with a range of ingredients. Falafel is enjoyed anyway you like it. We love it because it is so versatile. If you haven’t already tried it, you must visit a Lebanese restaurant in Paramatta ASAP!

Pickles: our mouths are watering thinking about Lebanese pickles. Crunchy and vinegary these little additions are perfect for a Mezza plate or can even be added to a pita wrap, or as a side to the main course. Pickles are core to Lebanese dining and also a family tradition with many families pickling vegetables according to season.

Olive Oil: Lebanese dishes in restaurants can’t be served without olive oil. Olive oil is used in sauces, dressings, marinades and even as a final garnish on top of dips! You can not run from olive oil. It is everywhere in Lebanese cuisine. But why run from something good for you. Olive oil has many health benefits, reducing the risk of blood pressure, heart disease, and cholesterol.

Zaatar: what is zaatar? A unique blend of roasted sesame seeds, salt, sumac, and thyme. This particular spice has been around for many years and is used in many different ways. Add a pinch of zaatar here and there, to add some zing and spice to your life. Zaatar can be enjoyed in a variety of ways:

  • With meat as a seasoning
  • With bread as a simple snack
  • With dips as a garnish
  • With salads as a dressing
  • With cheese and bread

These are just a few key ingredients many Lebanese restaurants in Parramatta and all over Sydney incorporate within their dishes. If you haven’t tried a Lebanese feast, it is a must! Visit a Lebanese restaurant near the Parramatta River, and you won’t be disappointed.

THE FAB 5: Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Corporate Event Function Venue

In the world of business, good impressions last and generate amazing results. Whether you plan to reward your staff with a party, launch a new product, organize an annual conference, or reinforce partnerships with potential clients, the chosen venue mirrors your expectations and voices out your intentions.

When you are looking for a venue for your next corporate event function in Sydney to leave a lasting impression, it is important to weigh your options first and know what each venue has to offer. The venue sets the tone of the corporate event, serving a range of function spaces, food and drinks menus, and an ambiance that will set the tone for the event.

If the location, event suitability, style, features, and cost matter to your corporation, we recommend you choose a venue in your area for the corporate event. It would help you reduce the cost from decorations and styling to the planning phase.

Here are 5 factors to examine when selecting a fantastic venue for your next corporate event function:

Service and experience

Entering your chosen corporate event function venue, you would want to be greeted by a warm and inviting talented wait staff. Enthusiastic, attentive, and knowledgeable, the team should ooze hospitality. Try to visit the location beforehand to verify whether the service of the attending team is up to standards and to ensure that it can make the corporate event one to remember. You’d surely want your guests to leave with a memorable experience in mind for years to come. In addition, make sure the staff knows the details of your requirements to bring your vision of the event to life. Work together and have the venue’s team guide you every step of the way.


A variety of tantalizing and affordable food and drinks packages should be your target. Consider booking a venue that provides fresh and delicious seasonal menu options for your corporate function event with chefs that can cater to large groups of attendees and for a wide range of dietary preferences. Food and drinks must match the mood of your corporate event.


Are you ready to host your corporate event function at a place that combines lush surroundings and urban aspects? For your corporate event function of team-building activities, you would want to have intimate bars and an atmosphere that features convenient accessibility, functionality, sophistication, and creativity. Perfectly manifested, beautifully aesthetic, and meticulously set, the venue space must be ambient and unique.

Location and Capacity

Located somewhere accessible for your guests, ensure the venue is well connected and can be reached via public transportation. Your corporate event function venue should encompass a large number of guests, so it should be spacious, featuring a stage. So, whether you are hosting an intimate corporate dinner or a large cocktail party, the venue should be able to suit your needs.


All corporate event functions are planned and priced to suit every budget. You would not want to go overboard with the planning, so as you book a venue, make sure the payment plan matches your corporate budget.

Visualize how you would like the tables to be set, what the culinary experience would offer, the flavors, aroma, furniture, display, lighting, and welcoming doors open with smiling staff greeting arriving attendees. A flawless event should satisfy your guests, achieve what you have hoped for, and have people talking for all the right reasons. As you imagine it in your head, does the corporate function event venue fulfill your vision of exceptional service? If so, then let the event begin!

Bring a spark to the corporate event function by adding your touch to the amazing venue. In Sydney, several venues can host your corporate event functions. Your options are plentiful, so choose one of the multiple amazing neighboring venues in Sydney.


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