Top 10 Types of Content Writing Services That You Can Offer as a Writer

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Before talking about the different kinds of content writing services a writer can offer, it is key that you understand what content writing even means. Just as the words suggest, content writing refers to the act of creating written content. There are numerous websites and companies and brands that depend on well thought… and well-executed content to market their products, services, or even ideas. For them to reach the masses and to interest them, they need to find the perfect way to organize words and phrases, and that is exactly what a content writer does. There are many content writing services that cater to the particular needs of their clients and produce suitable content.

10 Different Content Writing Services

As a content writer, you can either write on a variety of issues and write in different styles or formats to suit specific needs, or you can choose to specialize in a particular kind of writing and deal with similar kinds of content subjects. There are many that simply write for a particular online blog, or a column in the newspaper on similar subjects while others dabble in a lot of different kinds of writing. 10 content writing services you can offer are:

  1. Ghost Writing: As opposed to what the name suggests, ghostwriting has nothing to do with the paranormal or the dead. Actually, it could! Ghostwriting when you pay another person to write an article, blog, or even a book, and you pay them for it. However, you will own the copyrights to the content. In order words, you will have someone else write under your name so that you will be credited for the content while the writer will be paid for the work but will technically not exist for others. When having another person write the content, it is key that the terms of the service are made very clear to avoid any disputes over claims or credit in the future.
  1. Marketing or Communication Writing: As mentioned above, brands and companies depend quite significantly on the written word to advertise their products or services, to get across their message, or to encourage the public to do something. A content writer, under this kind of writing, can write blogs, articles, newsletters, emails, advertisements, notices, etc. in such a way that not only appeals to the people but also convinces them to do something. Since the content needs to be written keeping in mind a certain kind of audience and response, there is a lot of research and planning that goes into creating such content. Without this, the descriptions might be left incomplete, or the content might not do a good job of creating an effect.
  1. Educational Writing: There are tons and tons of books, articles, and other kinds of publications that are written on a regular basis for students or for educational purposes, and such content needs to be written in a certain way. Those involved in creating such content need to make sure that all the facts and details are a hundred percent accurate and free from any sort of errors since the students would create it as a base for further learning. There is a lot of research and compilation work that goes into writing educational content. Also, since a lot of information is constantly changing, the content too needs to be frequently updated.
  1. Report Writing: Another form of writing which is time-consuming and requires a lot of research is report writing. Those involved in report writing and supposed to write detailed accounts of an incident, a current trend, or how things affect people. Report writing must be done with a lot of care, and it needs to be made sure that everything included in the content is absolutely accurate and genuine and thus, there needs to be a reliable source which provides the data; whether it is another website or blog, or research conducted in person.
  1. Feature Writing: Something which is slightly more lighthearted than the rest is feature writing. Content writers that produce such kinds of work are meant to write on issues such as travel, fashion, lifestyle, food, etc. Feature writing can be for magazines, newspapers, online blogs and can also be simple articles or can be poems and other such works. While feature writing must include a certain degree of authenticity too, what is more, important is to understand what people want and what entertains them, and also an ability to observe people. The people must be kept thoroughly engaged, and for that, catchy headings and phrases are a great option.
  1. SEO Content Writing: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a form of writing which makes the whole experience of surfing for content much easier and smoother. SEO content includes the usage of strategically placed keywords which make the particular blog, website, article, etc. appear in the first few suggestions on the search engine. The whole purpose is to not only make it easier for users to find something but also for brands and companies to ensure that their content is much more accessible and available to the people. When creating SEO content, it is important to not try to fit in too many keywords and to use them properly, i.e., to not force them in sentences or contexts where they don’t belong. SEO writing requires following a particular format and avoid any grammatical errors.
  1. Press Release Writing: Quite similar to Marketing and Communication writing, Press Release writing involves informing the public about a new initiative, product, service, or even idea. Most companies and brands depend on a good marketing strategy to make people more aware of any new developments or updates. Any time a company introduces a new service or product, opens up a new branch, partners with another company, expands, etc., it turns to press releases to draw attention and to attract interest. As a content writer offering said service, it is important to devise a smart sales and advertising strategy and to have all the facts in order.
  1. Technical Writing: This kind of content writing involves a higher understanding of how the technology works in general. Such content is usually developed for user manuals, help files, technical modules, etc. and contain information pertaining to the functioning of a particular gadget or electronic item, aeronautics, robotics, engineering, chemistry, etc. The content is highly complex and technical in nature, and the writer must make sure to collect all the information regarding the subject; there is no room for error in Technical writing. It is preferable that someone with a formal education in a related field create technical content, but that is not a mandatory requirement.
  1. Research Writing: With so many people looking for credible sources of information on a number of topics and subjects, there is a high demand for content writers who can create research papers. They are essentially articles or publications which contain in-depth details and information about a particular issue or topic and must be factually correct or based on a lot of research and proof. Generally, such papers are evaluated by scholars or academicians to verify their credibility and accuracy. Research writing follows a certain language structure and format and is generally quite formal, and so, the writers must be careful when creating such content.
  1. Review Writing: Since almost everything, today is done on the internet, it is difficult to really be sure about the authenticity of anything. Not just that, people also want to know what it is that they are getting themselves into. In such situations, it is Review writing which comes in handy. Reviews are, in a way, opinions and descriptions about a particular object, service, movie, game, etc. which seek to inform the public. In other words, they are descriptions that help people decide whether they want to buy a certain item, hire a service, watch a show or performance, etc. Review writing does not require any particular qualifications, but the writer must have a very understanding of what it is that they are writing on and should create content that is genuine and free from any personal biases. In other words, it has to be objective.

There are many content writing services available that will cater to your particular needs and will modify their style of writing according to your requirements. What such services offer is the possibility of having content on a wide variety of topics, in different formats, for different purposes, hence flexibility. The main idea behind content writing, regardless of the nature of the content, is to produce work that is authentic, free of any grammatical or factual errors, and suitable for the target audience. It is not difficult to find a good content writing company in India, but make sure that you pick one only after looking at their experience and past credentials.

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