Amazing Summer Weekend Getaways near NYC

Summer Weekend Getaways near NYC

Most people dream about living in New York and following all their dreams there. But, that is not the case with New Yorkers. Don’t get us wrong – all of them love their concrete jungle, however, when scorching heat strikes the streets and the buildings, they all want a break. If you too have been living in New York for quite some time, you know what we are talking about and you know that you too need a small break. However, raises a question – where, exactly, should you go? Well, that is why we are here – we will share with you some amazing summer getaways near NYC! So, if you are a New Yorker who needs to change things up a bit, or if you are a tourist who wants to explore New York a bit further, we are sure this will tickle your fancy. So, keep on reading. 


If you are looking for an ultimate culture weekend getaway near NYC, we suggest going to Hudson. There are many things that this neighborhood is famous for – the Hudson River, amazing old-school architecture, a plethora of art galleries and museums, charming restaurants and coffee shops, antique stores, famous hotels, and many picturesque corners. Here is where you can sit in a coffee shop that is surrounded by flowers, order a cup of coffee, and enjoy reading one of those 5 books you always wanted to read.

In other words, Hudson is a place where you can take a break from all the hustle and bustle that you had in the concrete jungle and enjoy some time alone (or with a friend, or even better, with a lover). So, if you want to get away, consider coming here – Hudson is right there in NYC – you will not have to walk far. 

Cape Cod 

It can be said that Husdon is for those looking for a peaceful, or maybe even a romantic getaway. But, Cape Cod is something completely different. Cape Cod is for those who want to enjoy nature and camping. However, this is not your regular camping. Namely, since New Yorkers are rather posh, they also invented a posh kind of camping. So, right here in Cape Cod, you can find a luxurious camping site full of indulgent tents equipped with bathrooms and mini kitchens. Yes, you read that correctly. Here, besides camping, you can also join one of many organized activities such as hiking in nature, outdoor yoga, and pilates, or even kayaking and sailing. 

We have to warn you about Cape Cod though – there is a big chance that you’ll fall in love with it. If that happens, well, just move there, don’t fight it. Cape Cod treats its residents well! And, don’t worry about the actual process of moving – just find help on Best Movers NYC


When New Yorkers think about beach getaways, the first thing that comes to their minds is, of course, the Hamptons. We are not going to lie – Hamptons are the best. But, not every place in the Hamptons is equally good – one of them stands out from the crowd. Yes, we are talking about its eastern part – Montauk. Montauk and its large resort Marram Montauk are one of the best summer weekend getaways near NYC. Why? Because they have everything you would want out of summer vacation – white sand, crystal clear water, the possibility to surf and swim, a lot of sunbathing places, an amazing hotel full of all possible amenities you may need, etc. 

Moreover, while packing for the trip to Montauk, you will not need a lot of things – just make sure you bring a couple of swimming suits, sunglasses, a hat, and some sunscreen. But, even if you forget something, don’t worry, In this resort, you can buy pretty much anything you need – from luxurious hats to vegan hamburgers. 


Okay, so we had a place to go to if you want some artistic peace and quiet, a place for some luxurious camping, and a place for beach getaways. Now, we have something completely fourth – heaven in the woods. Namely, Catskill is a go-to place for everybody who loves nature, fresh air, and woods. But, like everything else in New York, this forest-like place is also posh. Cabins here are secluded and have glass doors so that you can enjoy your forest even when you are inside.  

In Catskill, you can hike, bike, picnic, barbecue, swim in the nearby lake or pool, and do many more outdoor activities. And, when you get tired of them, you can also sit in a 4-star restaurant and enjoy a nice meal, and if you are lucky, see a couple of celebrities. 

Not a lot of people know about Catskill. Use that to your advantage – travel here in peace, and, if you really like it, move here. Once again, with some reliable and professional movers, any place is within reach. Trust us, if you can work from home, it would be a shame not to make Catskill your home – then, you will always be on your getaway. 

The Berkshires 

One of the last but certainly not the least amazing weekend getaways near NYC just has to be the Berkshires and its Miraval Spa- a place where you can have the best spa weekend of your life. This is not like your everyday spa, no. The spa in Berkshires is state-of-art-spa. It is located on a 380-acre property and filled with all the spa amenities you can imagine.

But, that is not all. Once you finish with massages and Turkish bathrooms, you can also go horseback riding and have some equine therapy, or you can treat your body from the inside by feeding it in one of the healthiest restaurants found here. And, if you enjoy shopping therapy, that is, if you hadn’t bought everything that your ultimate shopping guide to New York has told you, don’t worry – here is where you can also shop until you drop. 

As you have seen, there are many amazing summer weekend getaways near NYC, as well as in NYC itself, so, the next time you have a free weekend, consider paying one (or all) of these places a visit. Once again, we are sure you will not regret it. 


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