Top 5 Stupid tips you can find online Special for car Travelers


The world of the internet is filled with many different travel blogs, tourist agencies, helping you to plan your trip in the best way. It is not a problem to travel solo or with the whole family because you already have answers to the most important questions about the destination, interesting places, transportation, hotels, and restaurants. You do nothing, just enter the proper site and click the button. Whenever you go, and whatever requirements you need, you can always book any services online. Do you need a car? Convertible car rental in PIE airport and in all major cities of the USA can take up to 4 passengers for a long drive. Don’t take it negatively if a travel manager will advise you to take a larger car for your trip. If you are not sure about the car, visit local forums and find out more advice about the road condition, sale coupons, and best car rental companies.

Not all devices are good. It’s up to you if you take or leave it! Nevertheless, your ears are close to exposing to some of the really stupid and senseless travel advice. What are they?


Stupid travel tips you might hear when travel by car!

  1. Switch off your smartphone when traveling

Do you often hear this from well-wishers? You may hear it very often. They say you should switch off your phone to have an opportunity to relax far from your everyday life, reality, routine and catch the moment. They say people spend much time for taking photos, writing in FB instead of enjoying the attractions. What is your position?

First of all, there is nothing wrong if you share your impressions about the place you are at the moment. It helps you to become a creative designer and it helps your friends to learn more about that particular city and decide if it is worth visiting or not. The most important, your smartphone protects you from being lost in an unknown place. You can push a red button and send a SOS message to your friends that you are in danger.


  1. Always take cheapest flights

This advice seems very useful for people whose budget is tight. But as a rule, the cheapest flights are not the most comfortable direct flights that take you from point A to point B. You usually spend much time on waiting gaps, spending in the airports. You will hate yourself for booking the cheapest but the longest flight ever.

  1. Don’t even try to travel solo by rental car

Are you afraid of solo trips? Backpackers or solo travelers prefer traveling by rental car to enjoy their vacation to the full than crowding around public transport. Traveling with friends can be really challenging. It becomes more and more popular to travel solo! Why not? You can pick any destination you like with the help of your smartphone and conduct your trip with its helpful input. In the process of your trip, you may feel a lack of communication. Join one of the touristic tours then. Online forums can help to define if the destination safe enough for solo travelers.

Road trip!

  1. Never talk to strangers

This advice sounds a little tricky. Everything depends on what you mean by talking to strangers. If you have lost your way, it is necessary to talk to someone and ask for the direction. Living in a hostel, you have to talk to strangers to make more new friends or just use people. Locals can help you a lot to learn more about their culture, special places to visit, worthy hotels or restaurants.

Orchard Hotel

  1. Forget about booking hotels and cars beforehand

Ask experienced travelers. They will advise you to book hotels and cars beforehand. You may use mobile apps to make this process even faster. Booking online, you have all the chances to get the cheapest prices, big sales, and the widest choice. When you pay online, you don’t pay any additional fees and charges. It is not difficult at all! Just decide what part of the city you want to stay in. Then, make a search and find a long list of hotels and hostels with different conditions and for different prices. You may check, read, compare.  Finally, book a good hotel or just pre-book it if possible. If the pre-booking function is not found, just pay online and be sure that you’ll get a good place to stay on arrival. You can always cancel your booking and get money back. If you are going to find a comfortable and affordable place on arrival, the hotel you wanted maybe already full and you’ll get the most expensive room instead.

Of course, your friends, relatives, and so-called travel experts can give you even more advice. You can listen to their valuable opinion but do everything in your own way. This must be your trip and your responsibility! Try to analyses, read forums, tourist blogs, and magazines.


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