TOP 6 Winter Trip Ideas For Young Travelers

It’s winter soon! It is time to start thinking of where you want to be during the winter holidays. Sometimes, it is better to leave your country and go to somewhere where the winter really comes and ski, skate, have fun with friends in the snow. If you are tired of cold and frost, you can go to the South states to prolong summer days and warm weather. Luckily, America is a huge territory where you can experience different weather. Here, you can find some of the best and the most active winter trip ideas for young travelers. But first, try to think of renting a good car for your company. Under 25 car rental can help!

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So, here we go!

You are a young driver and want to travel with friends this winter. Good for you! There is something you should know before you go. Belonging to the category of young drivers (18-25), you need to have a driving license, and at least a year of driving experience. Don’t forget about your credit card.

Not all cars are available for young adults. There are restrictions to rent expensive car models. Even if you are free to use car rental services in your 18, you can order a minimum of full size and SUV cars. But you can’t rent luxury and vintage vehicles.

Don’t be afraid to rent a mid-size car for a long trip. It is better to spend time in a comfortable car where you can freely move between the seats, lie back when you are tired, and find enough space for your sport equipment.



  1. Go to Visit Bridger Bowl, Montana

The cold destination comes first. Of course, it’s because this is one of the most popular routes for winter break. If your friends don’t mind winter sports, welcome to Bridger Bowl. This is a popular ski resort in America. Also, it is a popular university town. You can ski during the day and have a bright nightlife at night. There is no time to sleep! By the way, Yellowstone National Park is an hour and a half driving from the ski resort. Enjoy your trip!

  1. Go to Alaska

This is another interesting idea for winter traveling. Who doesn’t know about Alaska? Everyone knows. The hills are covered with the snow. The sky is colored neon lights. You can try any of popular winter attractions. How about dog racing across the frozen tundra? Don’t forget about polar day and night. The best time to visit Alaska is January. From January the days become longer and you have more daylight for your activities.

  1. Go to Orlando, Florida

It is really difficult to find one more such a favorable platform for outdoor activities as Orlando. You already heard about Universal Studio and Disney World. There are so many magic attractions around and most of them are good for kids and adults. You are free to behave like a child!

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  1. Go to Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is a legendary place, full of activities for young travelers. This can be the best and the funniest experience of your winter holidays. If you are tired of skiing and snowboarding, you can go to the local museum, Ballet West, or the Beehive House. The skating rinks through the city are also full of happy people. Join them and make new friends.

  1. Go to Santa Fe, New Mexico

This place is good for winter traveling if you don’t like spending time in the snow. This is a city of warm climate and hot sun. You can admire the mountain view, charming sunset, and Christmas lights on the beach. This is a big oasis of sun, light, and good mood. Don’t be afraid to spend winter vacation without snow. Go hiking! Hiking in the mountains is probably the most popular outdoor activity here.

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  1. Go to Hawaii

Everyone dreams about visiting Hawaii! Who doesn’t? This Pacific island always attracts attention of young adults. You can relax at the beach, enjoy the ocean and warm temperature. Of course, it’s not about skiing and snowboarding but rather about surfing and snorkeling. Visit Na Pali Coast, Haleakala Crater, Waimea Canyon and many more natural wonders. Don’t forget about volcanoes and National Parks. Stay for dinner in one of exotic restaurants to try local cuisine.

Young people become adults very fast. They want to be free by means of traveling. That’s great if you want to gather all your close friends, rent a car, and go to hit the world. Don’t think long. Your young age will never be a problem in the USA to take the best car. Winter break is near. It’s time to plan your vacation!


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