What jobs are in demand in Dubai and how you reach them?

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With the boost in confidence of corporates’ prospective growth and the increase in the number of new startups, search for talents globally has been on the increase. Is it the safety and the beauty of the city? Or the countless tourist centers, affordability, and the embrace of multiculturalism. Maybe it is the booming economy and the tax- free income. Whatever it is, it’s no surprise that Dubai has become a home to job seekers and businesses alike.

If you are seeking to take your career to the next level in Dubai or the prominent positions with good salary seems attractive to you, this article is for you. The good thing is finding and applying for jobs is just a few clicks away. With the internet and all being done online, you can land your dream job with less hassle. Royal migration solutions have put together the hottest jobs in Dubai you can consider. Read on for the full scoop!

Information technology, Developers

Companies are faced with pressures to increase work efficiency, decrease cost, ensure maximum security and keep abreast of trends. Moreover, companies are going digital, embracing automation and enhancing their mart capabilities. This makes IT-related jobs and software development one of the most- sought after jobs by organizations. The likes of software developers, network engineers, artificial intelligence specialists, IT security analysts, system administrators will be rewarded with an attractive amount of salary by organizations. 


Finance is one of the top demand jobs in Dubai and this will not change in years to come. Organizations (both small and large) main priority has always been the reduction of cost and generation of income. This is one of the main reasons why financial specialists have always been on demand. To devise investment strategies for a company’s portfolio, to forecast economic trends, and revenues, a financial analyst definitely plays a vital role in any organization. Are you seeking to grow your career in finance? Dubai is the place for you. 

Marketing, social media

With the surge in foreign investors tapping into the country’s economy and the rise of entrepreneurs, there will always be a need for marketers. Social media and marketing is unarguably the key in which businesses are building their brand reputation, increasing sales and boosting revenues. Hence, new startups and big organizations alike who want to take their business to the high level it deserves are always on the lookout for marketers. Candidates with the required skills and experience will definitely find a home in Dubai. 

Sales and customer service 

Dubai is home to businesses and organizations and its tax-free benefits make it a hub for eCommerce and trade globally. Moreover, customers are the king, and companies are putting in their possible best to ensure maximum satisfaction. Regardless of the industry, size, and products offered, the need for sales representatives and customer service professionals will keep growing.


Over the years, there has been an increase in compliance and regulation, banking, and legal positions in Dubai.  A significant number of legal firms and businesses in Dubai are looking to bring in talents globally due to the limit in local talent supply. “Those who are bilingual and have western education are in high demand. Plus, those who can manage both internal and external relationships to drive business growth, are receiving high salary packages,” says Royal Migration Duba.  If you are a law student, here is something for you. 

 Architecture & Engineering

Dubai boasts of its finest structures and best in class infrastructures. Why won’t there be an increase in the demand for architecture,? Especially with the EXPO 2020, real estate has experienced an increase and need for more hotels and tourist centers is on the rise. Moreover, one of the key drivers of the UAE economy is the construction industry. Dubai is experiencing a high demand for engineers and it will continue to be in years to come. Either you are a petroleum engineer, chemical engineer or civil engineer, this is for you!

How to get a job in Dubai

If you are planning to work in Dubai, you will need a work visa. The good news is if you get a job in Dubai, you can easily get a work visa.

Is it easy to get a job in Dubai?

The answer is Yes, there are a lot of organizations who are looking for candidates globally and are ready to help with all the visa process and requirements. 

There are a lot of Dubai jobs readily available online that you can apply for. Conduct research and know your job markets. The above-listed jobs are blossoming and are on high demand.

Is it easy to get a work visa?

Well, it depends! If you work with a reputable migration company, getting a work visa will be easy. If not, you might find yourselves at the crossroads. Hence, Royal Migration Dubai has been the number one choice for anyone seeking to acquire a work visa in Dubai (Royal Migration Reviews can testify to that)

The bottom line, analyze the above list thoroughly and kickstart your work life towards a brighter future!


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