Day Trips Tourists can Take on their Bali Vacation

Balangan Beach

Throughout the scenery of Bali, large volcanoes blend with green paddies of rice, sandy beaches. The Indonesian island, recognized as the Isle of gods, is a spiritual center. Visiting nature lovers and honeymoon couples, Bali is a world travel spot. In order to make things much better, there are many panoramic and scenic areas in which the journey becomes much more thrilling. Bali is an Indonesian emerald island, famous for its lovely beaches, coral reefs, green paddy fields, waterfall, and vintage temples. Remember to prepare properly and do not neglect to see the parts of the island you will see beforehand. So, check out some of the best day trips from Bali that you can take on your vacation to Bali!

Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida

Take a day trip to Nusa Peneda and flee South Bali! You may boat from Seminyak to this tiny island from Sanur. Nusa Penida is one of the fast short trips from Bali, Indonesia, is separated from Bali by Badung Drait. Today there are growing types of birds on the island; some of them vulnerable and all magnificent. The unusual limestone framework blesses the tourist with spectacular scenery, and the clean, sparkling water around the island allows for dreamy beaches.


Spare a day for Amed while on your vacation in Bali. This coastal hamlet is widely known for diving and swimming and grabs the attention of all kinds of visitors. If you sunbathe at the lake, go on a relaxing hike, snorkel, and swim. So if you only want to rest so chill, take one of the daily beach yoga sessions that take place in various resorts.

Menjangan Island

Snorkelers and divers, travel northwest to discover a new underwater biological environment, from coral reef gardens to numerous tropical fish types. Menjangan Island has lots to sell, including stunning beautiful beaches, a whole community of aquatic birds, turtles, and deers for visitors who like to keep safe and dry. Share with the barking deer the view of the virgin beaches and love to swim on the idyllic beach as well. The Island can be accessed by motor-boat by tourists, and the north-eastern part of Bali is just 30 minutes inland.

Nusa Lembongan

One day, this little paradise from one end to the other is enough to explore. Several two-wheelers and hawkers will deter you from the breathtaking scenery of Nusa Lembongan. Now, it is nothing but dumb the tiny rock. Tourists can find a wide range of activities, from walking through cliffs and exploring pristine beaches and small boat tours through the mangrove rainforests.

Uluwatu, Jimbaran


Jimbaran Surfing beaches are a luxury if you’re an adventure freak for Uluwatu Jimbaran. Situated in the bay of Jimbaran, the fishing village provides a panoramic view of the city. Visit this spot to chill, try thrilling water activities or appreciate the beach’s tasty seafood.


Based to the east of Bali, Lombok parallels its laid-off sibling, who can be accessed by boat or aircraft. This still has an idyllic resort and picturesque mountain scenery but is much less busy. Though there are many attractions to explore from beaches and temples to mountains, in one day most of the best of the island can be enjoyed by tourists. The most popular places in Lombok are the beaches Belanak and the Rinjani National Parks.


Tulamben-Indonesia ‘s diving heaven is also a spot to explore in a day from Bali. In reality, this is a tiny fishing hamlet, flanked by sandy black beaches. Tulamben has found its way in the core of the water sports lover’s infamous dive sites such as Shipwreck, Drop off, and Paradise Reef, as one of Bali’s iconic day trips.

Sekumpul Waterfalls

Besides the beach, it is also important to visit the waterfalls in Bali. The waterfall of Sekumpul is one of the waterfalls that many visitors see. This stunning Waterfall is located in northern Bali and it is a scenic cluster of six to seven narrow falls, forming the centerpiece of a lush green forested valley of bamboo. While the trip to the north can be exciting, particularly though it is 3 hrs drive from Seminyak. Make sure you rest in several other popular locations on the way.

Balangan Beach

Take a day trip to Balangan Beach when you want to experience the dreamy beach scene. The beach is lovely and overshadowed. It offers a romantic feeling that couples look out for. Flanked by sheer mountains, this area of sandy beaches lets you experience the beach in isolation. The beautiful sunset is too good to skip. Since it is situated in Ungasan, you may wish to visit the cultural park Garuda Wisnu Kencana or Uluwatu temple before getting to the shore.

I’m sure that you are not only looking for traveling and shopping but also unique day trips to spend some ‘you’ time. So head down to any of these day-trip places and make beautiful memories together. Oh now that you might be interested to plan a vacation, head on to Pickyourtrail and book you to Bali packages right away!


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