How to Crack an IT Interview in a Tech-Giant


This whole world is driven by technology. We cannot imagine spending even our single day without technology devices. Thus, the market of technology is growing and it has led to growing opportunities in this field. If you want to grow your career in an IT field and want to grab a good job position in an MNC, then this article is for you. Here, we have shared some tips and tricks that will help you to crack the interview in a tech-giant company such as Amazon.

1. Prepare For Aptitude, Skill-Test, and Programming

Most companies take takes related to aptitude and technical skills. Some interviewers may also give you on-the-spot programming questions. Usually, people fail to pass the interview test because of a lack of preparation. It is recommended that you should check the interview process of the specific company in which you are going to appear. If you want to grab a good job position in that company, then do good preparation. For instance, if you want to get a job in the Amazon Company, you should know some amazon interview tips.

2. Show Good Communication Skills

All recruiters will check your communication skills. Therefore, you should be able to communicate clearly and properly. Your good communication skills show that you have a good understanding and knowledge of your field. In technology-based companies, teamwork plays an imperative role and the employers have to communicate with each other. Thus, your communication skills play a vital role in your selection. Some companies also conduct phone interviews such as Amazon. You should consider taking some amazon phone interview tips.

3. Humbly And Confidently Answer the Questions

You should politely and humbly answer various questions. You should show enthusiasm for the job, but do not get desperate. Also, you should show the confidence level while answering various questions. You should humble and pleasant while answering the questions as it is one of the good qualities to get selected during the interview process.

4. Show Your Knowledge

Usually, the interviewer will take your interview for a specific position such as project manager, team lead, developer, etc. If you will exhibit your knowledge in a different field, then it will be a plus point. Having vast knowledge of the different fields of the company will lead impression on the interviewer. You should consider taking coaching from the good institutes because they will share some good tips. For instance, if you want to crack an Amazon interview, you will get amazon interview preparation tips.

5. Do In-Depth Research Related To Company

It is very important to do in-depth research related to the company in which you are going to give an interview. You should collect the information related to the technologies in which the company is dealing. If you fail to do this research, it shows that you are not interested in this job position.

6. Prepare For HR Round

Most of the candidates do not take HR seriously. You have to clear the HR round to get this job in your hands. No matter, how good you were in the technical round, you have to go through the HR interview round and crack it to get the job in your hands. You still have an HR interview to face and more than 50% of candidates flunk the HR interview. The HR interviews are conducted to determine the character of the person. For instance, if you are appearing in an Amazon interview, you have to go through the entire amazon interview process.

7. Do Not Add Silly Things

You should avoid adding silly information during the round of interviews. No matter, how well you have performed throughout the interview, one silly move can ruin your efforts. Thus, you should wisely answer all the questions asked during the interview process. You should not add silly information which is not asked by the interviewer.

8. Be Positive And Enthusiastic

You should be positive during the interview and do not talk bad about the last company or your boss. Talking bad about your last job leaves a negative impression on the interviewer. You should show your enthusiasm for the position you have applied for. You should not look dull during the time of the interview because it will leave a negative impression during the interview process. Also, you should make a list of strengths. If you are planning to appear in an Amazon interview, then consider reading some tips for amazon interview tips for 2021.

9. Say The Truth

You should not tell lie during the interview because companies have access to private investigators and they will get to know the truth. Therefore, you should say the truth during the interview process in an IT company.

10. Don’t bug The Interviewers

Once the interview is over, then you should not irritate them by calling again and again. You should keep in mind that it is not going to help you to get this job.


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