Why visit Orangeville for Christmas?

Why visit Orangeville for Christmas

Dear Santa,

I’m writing this letter to you in good faith that my Christmas this year may be full of happiness and laughter of my friends and family. Oh, and I also need a four-wheeler, the latest MacBook and some chocolates.

Yours sincerely….

Now isn’t that lovely? Being a kid is fun. Being an adult kid is not so fun.

Once upon a time, you lived in the bubble knowing that Santa is making all your wishes come true…but alas! Turns out once you become adult you stop believing in old Santa tales. Well, I didn’t.

I still believe wishes do come true. Living in Orangeville has given many a chance to realize the quiet and peace they have been looking for. This town is not upright funk for many but still, if you don’t believe in Santa anymore, you ought to start believing in the spirit of Christmas the way it is spent here.

A Night of Festivals in Orangeville

A Night of Festivals in Orangeville

Orangeville is known for its dainty culture, and upright surroundings. For an onlooker spending time on Christmas Eve may do not resonate as well as the idea of the bigger cities. But let’s say, the smaller the better because you can then visit;

1. Christmas in the Park

An annual charade of the Christmas theme at Kay Cee Gardens is one of the highlights of the festivities. This winter wonderland is comprised of fun activities and dozens of Christmas lights for the visitors.

Displays are vernacular and smartly created for awe-inspiring moments in the thrifty cold night. Each display caress a magical forest theme illumination and its worth visiting. Well, there goes your motive to come out of hibernation.

The extravaganza displays are worth leaving your bed for and no worries I booked an Orangeville limo and reached the place just at the perfect time when the display was about to begin. You can bring your whole family and even enjoy hot chocolate served by Orangeville scouts!

Besides, all sorts of performances and entertainers will make you sway with the winter night. It’s an open ceremony and everyone is welcome to come and enjoy a plethora of full action night. And afterwards why not go to a café to enjoy a warm meal?

2. Winter Market

They huff and puff in the market has a soothing effect on many during this auspicious moment. It’s nothing like you have ever seen. Regardless of the fact of how many times you shop, buying something special for this occasion has its savoury feeling.

The winter market occupies space on the main floor atrium and the upper floor of the indoor market, with cool displays, ranging from handwoven scarves, mufflers to baked goods items and so many decorations that you will be surprised. So I recommend you better get a wallet full before you visit. You are bound to be super excited once you enter the market.

Did you ever think you will experience an indoor farmer’s market with colorful displays of items?

Me neither. But the market turned out to be perfect it for baked goods, unique crafts and more.

3. Christmas Picnic

What? A picnic at Christmas?

Have you lost your mind?

Well no, not entirely, because I dare you to have fun outdoor rather indoors. The Island Lake Conservation Areas is just what you need this Christmas. Why?

Besides it being fun, the island itself is a good place to have fresh fish just at the edge of the lake, so fishing? Yes, please!

Add a bit of freshwater charm, Why not?

Ice fishing is really a thing here. To all brave dads who love fishing, don’t you think all you need is to hire a limo service Orangeville, put your fishing poles and bait, gather your besties and head out to complete the Christmas meal with a trout salted, baked or grilled?

I hear your excitement already.  An early picnic in the woods may sound more fun to the younger generation of the family, don’t you agree?

4. Mamma Mia Musical

Is it cheesy to say I love musicals? Hairspray was a good movie but it had nothing over the good old matchmaking story of Mamma Mia. And fans hear this, what if you get to see a live musical?

Live musicals are a charming way to infuse the gatherings and host a large crowd with the perfect notch of notes. The timeless songs of the love, laughter and long friendships are all explored in the dancing steps! Obviously, the idea of having three fathers may sound over the top but hey it was an excellent story!

So why not recall the tale in the old fashion way?

Schedule a DAY for Festivities

Such a limited time does not do justice to a town like Orangeville.

True, Christmas holidays are always worth the plan but why not visit someplace with a new experience? So I would suggest do the dare, take the sip and go for it!


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