A man who revolves around the BORLD-WILD concept to gain WILD recognition


A man called art, Richard Orlinski’s talent in art has won the heart of many. Far from conventions yet timeless, fierce yet arouse emotions, his “born wild” concept carries contemporary in a wild facet. From the renowned wild kong to the panther in pop to the howling wolf, his paradoxical iconography has taken over the world.

Richard Orlinski: the best-selling contemporary French artist of our time.

The icon known for his iconic wild animals was born in 1966. Growing up in a divorced home, he had a rough childhood which however does not deter him from making a mark in life. His artistic giftedness started to take root at an early age of 4 where he always gives his teacher small models of elephants and hippos. As years pass by, his multi-talents earn him some recognition in rock music, real estate, interior design, and decoration.  He lunges back into his childhood interest and studied at the National School of Fine Arts in Neuilly-sur-Seine where he became a sculpture.

A unique work of art that shapes the world

His works beam of expensive industrial materials of resin, bronze, stainless steel, concrete, marble, stone…all decorative and fierce. From the smallest to the biggest design, Orlinski works speak to the imagination and arouse the emotion of the audience. His animals vibrate strength, ferocity, and power that makes up wild beast yet they seem sweet and gentle. Chances are you must have come across Richard Orlinski decorative wild beast refecting the pop arts before. The well-known wild kong, the menacing gorilla, or the crocodile all gleaming of the mirror-polished surfaces. His legendary piece has graced world-leading exhibitions and galleries such as den Roc, the Carlton, the Majestic Fiac, Art Élysées, Art Basel(to mention but a few). His success began to soar in no time as his pieces are being recorded in major collections around the world. It is no surprise that his works landed him one of the best selling contemporary french artists since 2010- by Art price. Influenced by pop arts, Orlinski believes arts should not be limited in museums but something everyone should enjoy. This he demonstrated in his performance at the Electroshock 2017 Festival in Paris where he displayed the great wild Kong sculpture on stage.

Richard Orlinski achievements prove there is no limit to what a man can be

Well, that is not all with this multitalented artist. In 2008, he breathed into the saturated market of jeans with his work of art. The jeans appeared to be in motion which wowed so many. The colors come in red, fuschia, silver and many more. A man of perfection, this trait is alive in whatever he sets to do. Art might be the heart of his work, his talent, however, extends beyond. that. Richard Orlinski still has music and cinema embedded in his soul. He has played with Béatrice Dalle and Guillaume Gouix in “Les effarés” and the host of others. His quest for success is never-ending. He is still sought for collaborations and projects. From his collaboration with Hublot to make iconic timepiece to his work with the fashion brand The Kooples. Watch out for more.


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