Printed Cotton Saree for Simple Look


Cotton sarees are one of the most famous and preferred sarees by women all over the world. They are very famous due to their comfort level and bright colors. The material is very soft and alluring. It is a breathable and flexible fabric, it also have ability to control moisture in hot and humid climate. It is long lasting and dries fast. The fabric is suitable for every climate but it is especially preferred in summers as that hot and humid weather can only be handled with this fabric. The comfort level of this fabric cannot be matched with any other fabric.

It is a pure cellulose made from cotton plants growing under natural conditions. The fibre is often spun in threads and yarns that is used to make a soft and breathable textile whose planting is done in spring. The fibre is not only popular in India but it also has its significance in other hot countries. The use of cotton for fabric purpose is known to be from the prehistoric times and India is one of the leading country doing production of cotton in a big amount. India had the largest manufacturing industry of cotton since the Mughal era.

This fabric is the first choice of every woman and she has a collection of cotton sarees in different patterns and designs. 

1. The Fabric:

The fabric is made from cotton plants that are almost pure cellulose. The fibre is openly spun in yarns and threads and used to make a soft and breathable textile. The material is obtained from cotton plants and then a soft fabric made from it. Many other fabrics like chiffon, Georgette, silk,etc are also combined with cotton to give those saree a comfy feel and luxurious appeal.

The production of cotton immensely increased under the Mughal era since prehistoric time. you can also go through Printed Cotton Dress Material catalog if you want to stitch your own printed cotton saree

The largest manufacturing industry at that time was the cotton textile industry. It is available in a variety of colors. The history tells that it was popular in old ages and is still that much popular. Pure cotton is one of the best and most widely used fabric in the world.

2. Printed Cotton Sarees:

Beautiful printed cotton sarees are available at almost every shop as it is among the demanded sarees. You can also get them online. They are available in bright colors and textures. Printed cotton sarees are best for a simple and elegant look. They can worn on a casual basis, parties, events, at office or any other occasion. 

You can choose a plain cotton saree and pair it with printed or designer blouse, or else choose a printed saree with digital prints, floral prints or geometrical prints and pair it with a matching or contrast blouse. You can also choose a printed saree that has thin lace work or a few embroidery work. The outfit detailed with stones, diamonds and other embellishments also works well for any function or occasion. Sarees decorated with hand work, block prints and thread work are also very popular among women.

The main reason behind its popularity is the comfort and feel, but it also has some other benefits. The attire is sweat proof and elegant. It is durable and long-lasting. It dries faster than any other fabrics like silk, chiffon, Georgette etc. 

3. Types of Cotton Sarees:

Every Indian state has their own variety of printed cotton sarees.

Sarees having bandana work are the famous traditional attire of Gujarat. Colorful Bandhani sarees are a special art of this state.

Jodhpur cotton sarees with a broad printed lace and thread works are also one of the famous types of sarees.

Gadwal from West India that comes mainly in off-whites, greys and browns are also very famous.

Kota Doria sarees from Rajasthan has gained popularity due to its lightweight.

Jamdani from Uttar Pradesh woven in striped and flower patterns is a colorful and attractive piece. 

Sambalpuri from Orissa is a well-known variant of cotton printed sarees in South India. The saree is tie-dyed and usually has contrasting geometric motifs. 

The trend of these sarees are never going to fade as the colors and textures always attract people towards it. The patterns and varieties that you get in cotton sarees are hardly seen in any other saree. The best part about this one is that it is suitable for any occasion or festival.

Increase the beauty of these sarees by pairing them with a perfect blouse. Your blouse can really affect the look of your saree. For a different and modern look pare some contrast blouse with your outfit. For a heavy look you must pair designer blouses with your printed or plain cotton saree. Make sure that the blouse you wear has a perfect fitting and measurement. Try some alluring sleeves pattern and neck designs for a more glorifying look. 

An imperfect petticoat will ruin your saree look so always pair a matching colored one with your attire. Last but not the least pair some traditional jewellery and a nice footwear and complete your entire look. The selection of your accessories depends on the type of saree and occasion that you are going to attend. Choose everything wisely and you are perfectly ready in the evergreen printed cotton saree. 


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