7 Steps To Get A Good Hold On Driving Twitter Traffic To Your Blog


Twitter, with over 500 million active users is one of the biggest social media platforms. It is also an amazing platform for promoting your blog. As you know, to have a successful blog, you have to promote it. Otherwise, no one will know about it.

With Twitter, you can drive more traffic to your blog, but for that, you do need to know the right tactics for marketing on Twitter. It is because it provides you with only 280 characters to attract an audience, and lead them to your blog. Thus, you have to be careful about how you use Twitter, and in this blog, we will explore some proven tactics to promote your blog on Twitter.

Let’s begin

Make your tweets more compelling.

A tweet is short in itself, so writing an even shorter and compelling tweet is a big challenge. But you can do that, you only have to wear your creative hat. Make sure that while promoting your new blog post or the blog itself, you keep the length of a tweet within 150 characters. Also, it should be provocative, something that encourages the readers to click on the link of your article.

It can be a question or a provocative thought or even something different from the article’s title.

Tweet the link to your blog several times.

It is okay to tweet the link to your blog several times a day, especially if your blog posts are relevant to the current times or evergreen. If not, you can tweet the link at least twice a day with different tweet content.

You will have to find different ways to tweet a link to your blog. Also, if you have numerous articles in your archive, you can post links to specific blog posts twice a day to attract more readers.

Tweet a relevant quote from your blog post.

The endgame is to get the user to click on the link to your website. Thus, you need to tweet a compelling introduction within a limited word count. So, how about a quote? Pick a famous quote from your blog so that readers can know what reading your blog post will look like.

Quotes work quite well on Twitter, as per recent studies, they are 54% successful in getting people to click on the link.

Make use of hashtags.

Let’s discuss about Twitter trends i.e.Hashtags are keywords that help you expose your tweet to many people and start common discussion points. You must have read that a certain celebrity is trending today or so on, it happens because people make hashtags for a celebrity or promote a tweet.

It is a great way to make sure that people who are not your followers also see your tweets. Make sure you use limited, specific, popular, and relevant hashtags.

There are generally two types of hashtags.

Specific hashtags are hashtags that you create to promote your brand or blog or business.
General hashtags are popular hashtags that everyone can use, like # reading and so on.
Use images and videos.

People usually promote their videos or images using Twitter, but you can reverse-use it too. How? By making an image or a video about your blog and tweeting it, and linking back to the source.

For instance, pick a quote from your blog and create an image out of it or you can use one or two images from the blog itself and tweet it with a clickable link. We all know that images and videos attract more people. Use Canva to create amazing images.

Also, Twitter lets you post videos that are of two minutes and 40 seconds, so you can create a teaser video about your blog or YouTube channel and post it.

It is important to know your audience.

Your audience on Twitter and Instagram might be the same, but they want different things from both the platforms. That is why you must know your audience and understand their needs and wants from your Twitter account. Find out what type of content they are looking for, what trends they are following, what tone they are looking for, and so on.

Knowing your customer will help you find the right strategy to engage them more and get more traffic.

Tag people who are a part of your blog.

There are two ways to include people or brands in your blog, you collaborate with them for reviews and promotions. Second, you use their name to support your document like statistics or when portraying your opinion. When you do the second thing, keep in mind to tag them using @ mention on Twitter. If they like your blog, they might share it or retweet your post.

It’s a challenge to promote a blog on Twitter with only 280-word limits, but if you do it right, you can get maximum traffic from Twitter.


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