8 Best Hairstyles For Lehenga Choli

Trying to pair that gorgeous lehenga choli with the perfect hairstyle is a reason for worry for many women who have a hectic lifestyle and cannot do extensive research as to what is trending on the fashion scene.

Hairstyle plays a vital role in your overall look and getting it wrong can be a reason to be the topic of discussion for all the guests who are always very critical of what everyone is wearing. A blessing is that the lehenga choli can look majestic regardless of what hairstyle you end up opting for.

The hairstyle does not need to be extremely difficult and complex, but just make sure it looks sophisticated even if it is simple. The best options for hairstyles are usually pinned up buns or braids, these are a great idea, especially for those women who do not want their hair to get in the way of their enjoyment. 

More complex hairstyles may require a stylist and can take a lot of time to prepare, sometimes it is worth the wait and sometimes there is not enough time for these fancy styles.

1) Messy bun

The messy bun is a fan favorite, fast enough to be made which a relief especially when you are half-dressed and already running late. There is no standard to follow for this style and it can be made messier or less messy according to your own personal taste.

 Buns are a great choice to keep cool in hotter environments and summer season when things can get hotter under all that hair. Another advantage of wearing this hairdo is that you can show off that fancy choli back design and jewellery for all to admire. Two hair portions can be left loose behind the ears to give a fashionable look.

2) Twisted braids

Braids are a quick and classic look to rock to any event, why not incorporate them with an outfit as royal as the lehenga choli. Various braids are french braid, fishtail braid, flower braid, or even just the simple single braid.

Incorporation of flowers can add to visual effects the hairstyle provides, it is best used at a wedding event or for a themed party event. Most braids are simple but more complex styles call for assistance and accessories in some cases.

3) Parted open hairstyle

Leaving the hair open is a great option if you have wonderful long hair and want to flaunt its thick texture. All you have to is part the hair at the centre or at another parting. 

Next, choose how to style the hair, if you want soft curls, go ahead and use a hair iron to create artificial soft flowy curls from the hair end to about midway up the length of your hair’s length. 

If you are not such a fan of the curls, you can avoid it altogether or go for a slight wave instead. Either way, this is a great style for girls with long hair and want an effortlessly easy option.   

4) Side curls

If you want to leave your hair down but not exactly loose, something to consider is sided curls. In this stylish look, the hair is swept to one side and is usually curled.

 You will find this the best options when you choose a heavy lehenga choli and do not want a fancy hairstyle to steal all the attention away from your outfit. Put some hairspray to make sure those curls stay exactly where they are supposed to be. 

Little effort is required for this style and is great for parties where you do not need the traditional look.

5) Vintage look (beehive look)

Another look that is flashy, classic and elegant is the retro-looking puffed up hairstyle. It is simple and there are some hairstyles that look classy and make you feel like a totally different person, this is one such hairstyle that accomplishes this.

 This is an extra special style that is guaranteed to make any bride look like a visual from a Disney film and feel like a princess as well. 

6) Straight loose hair with simple side braid

This one is dedicated to all the girls who have straight hair and want to leave it that way without curling it at all. It looks sophisticated with standout colour schemes. The hair is left loose and just features a simple side braid to add a textural look.

7) Revamped Ponytail

The most underestimated hairstyle is the humble ponytail. It may seem like a normal day to day hairstyle that is worn at home but it can actually be worn to events if it is revamped slightly to make it an event-ready getup. 

One such upgrade is making a puff in the front and tying the hair high. The ponytail itself can be made from hair that is slightly curled to give the curled end look. Again you can leave some hair loose at the sides by the ears, feel free to experiment with some fancy hair accessories.

8) Flower rolled curls

The last hairstyle to make it to our list is the flower rolled curls one. In this hairstyle, the hair is increasingly curled at the bottom and features ringlet curls that are left free at the back. A flower accessory or real flowers are used to roll a few portions f hair with, the rest of the hair is left dangling loosely. 

This style is one that is timeless and will be sure to not go out of fashion any time in the near future. Traditional enough to be worn for a wedding even one of a close relative. Go ahead and have fun with this comfortable hairstyle that is sure to gather attention from other guests.

As you can see a number of hairstyles are available for all women depending on their hair and their personal preferences. Forget about all the stress associated with choosing a hairstyle and just enjoy yourself at the function.

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