10 Clever Interior Design Hacks to Transform Your Restaurant

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Transforming a place is not so hectic if you have enough budget but what if you don’t have a big budget and still want to transform your restaurant? But you don’t have to worry because there are many hacks and tricks you can use for your restaurant transformation.

Top 10 hacks for your restaurant transformation 

Do you want to transform your restaurant’s interior design? Then here are the top 10 clever interior design hacks to transform your restaurant.

1. A fresh paint

The first hack for transforming the interior of your restaurant is to change the paint on the walls. Old painted walls can ruin your restaurant’s picture and a coat of fresh paint can easily transform the looks of your restaurant. Just paint the walls with either light or bright color making sure that it looks nice and appealing.

2. Install new flooring

Dump the old flooring of your restaurant and install new and modern flooring. Go for trendy flooring for your restaurants such as luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), and hardwood flooring. The new, luxurious and high-quality flooring will effortlessly change the entire appearance of your restaurant.

3. Add plants

Plants can instantly improve the ambiance of any room, making them one of the simplest ways to transform your restaurant. If you don’t already have any, now is the time to add a few plants to your restaurant’s interior. Hanging plants are common in restaurant interiors, so don’t forget to incorporate them.

4. A statement wall

Instead of going for the same theme for all the walls of your restaurant, leave a wall blank and design it differently. Design the statement wall in any way you like for example, a contrasting color, draw textured and patterned designs, or hang some décor pieces on the wall. You can also decorate the wall with lots of mirrors or painted glass plates.

5. Transform old furniture

To transform your restaurant interior design you have to upgrade the furnishings. And if you can’t afford to upgrade the furniture then you can transform your old furniture into new. Buy some light and dark shades of paints (either cans or spray paints) and paint your chairs and benches with new paint. You can also change the seats of your chairs for a better outcome.

6. Add new lights

Lighting will help you in making your restaurant aesthetically beautiful and calming. Add some unusual lights in form of neon lights, fairy lights, lamps, and even candles (scented). The addition of these unusual lighting in your restaurant interiors will surely increase the charm of your restaurant.

7. Chalkboard menus

Chalkboard menus are a very trendy and modern type of menus used in restaurants and coffee shops. And if you don’t have a chalkboard menu in your restaurant then you are surely missing out on this. Add at least two chalkboard menus (one outside and one inside) to your restaurant. The chalkboard menus will give an up-to-date appearance to your restaurant while being very pocket-friendly.

8. Built-in shelves

Open shelves are not a suitable option for restaurants, but built-in shelves are the perfect option for displaying your beautiful showpieces. You may also use some antique crockery to act as showpieces but make sure to include the built-in shelves with clear glass sliding doors.

9. Think outside the box

A little creative and unique idea can transform your restaurant and will help it stand out. Write some funny and catchy lines or draw some food pictures and diagrams on the walls of your restaurant. Use neon signs to draw and write on the walls because this will catch everyone’s attention and will also make the wall glow.

10. The entrance

While making changes in your restaurant interior, don’t forget to work on the entrance of your restaurant. A well-designed and attractive entrance will effortlessly grab customer’s attention and will give a warm welcome to the customers.


As we have shared the most simple yet amazing hacks for restaurant transformation with you then what are you waiting for? Without wasting any time, transform your restaurant interior design in UAE by following these above-suggested clever hacks. Try them today because we know that you are definitely going to love the results after that.


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