US imposes Restrictions on Travel from India starting 4 May


Due to the increasing toll of Covid-19 in the world, normal travel is still a far-off dream. There are many travel restrictions and rules before you can get into a new place. While the word “New-normal” seems to explain every new rule, it is still not welcome. People are eager to get back into the old carefree ways. That said, it doesn’t seem to be happening soon.

Many countries have inflicted a ban on other countries for traveling. You may not enter a specific country if you belong to a highly-impacted area. Even if you do, there are still many protocols. The latest of these bans is the one on India. The cases are on the rise there every day. The daily case and fatalities are rising too.

For this reason, the US administration recently banned travel from India. It means that the USA is not allowing travelers from India to enter the US. While there are some exceptions, it doesn’t seem like everyone can easily board their Nonstop flights to Mumbai from the USA. People are hesitant to visit India due to the increasing cases.

The travel ban has more aspects to it, let us discuss them:

When will it begin?

The ban comes into effect on May 4th,2021. People with flights before that may board them, but they still need to check the rules. They have to go through the necessary protocols. It may include testing and quarantine after arrival. Also, travelers need to submit their negative reports before boarding. It is a mandatory rule to enter the US.

Who are the exemptions?

There are classes of people who are exempt from this rule. It includes students who have their fall semesters. Apart from that, US residents and its citizens can travel back to the country. There are also some groups of journalists and specific humanitarian workers who are exempt. If you fall into any of these, you need to keep an eye on the rules.

Confirm that you fall in the category and travel as soon as possible to avoid problems. Waiting further can lead to more restrictions as well.

Rules to follow if you are allowed to travel

The exempt travelers still need to adhere to the necessary guidelines. It includes following the precautions, getting tested, and quarantine. You may also be required to get a test at the airport if you show symptoms. In case of a positive result, you get treatment at the nearest facility.

People need to submit their results and declaration forms on the official website. It is to be done before the flight to avoid delays and allow entry.

What about the ticket expense for pre-booked ones?

For tickets booked for departure after May 4th, the airlines will reimburse the cost to the buyer. If you had already bought a ticket after this date, you are eligible to get a refund for that. You may rebook the ticket once the rule is gone.

People with Direct Flights To Hyderabad From the USA can check the guidelines of the Indian administration.

Why did the US administration impose this ban?

India is facing a massive surge in the cases. Every day, the toll is increasing and breaking the previous records. Also, there is a new virus strain in India. Due to all these reasons, it is prudent to impose this ban. It will help control the cases in other countries.

The USA is also a badly hit country in terms of the Covid-19. A step like this will help curb any potential threats and maintain the safety of the people.

When can you travel again?

If you wish to travel between the USA and India, it might take some time. The Covid-19 virus is unpredictable, and nobody can say when it would end. While the vaccine drives are showing hope, nothing is a surety right now.

It is wise to keep checking on the rules and make plans prudently. The governments are advising not to travel in such a situation. Make plans only for the places where the virus is under control. It will help you be safe and enjoy too. Follow all the precautions even if you are vaccinated.

These were all the details about the latest ban. You can book your tickets once again when it ends. Until then, keep an eye on the rules and stay safe.


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