You Need to Know About Zugu’s iPad 10.2-inch Case

Zugu case

Ready to find a new iPad 10.2-inch case? When it comes to protecting your device, the case you choose must be durable, long-lasting, and expertly crafted. Zugu, an iPad case, and accessory retailer are one of the most well-known choices for iPad users. Why? Because its cases are built to last, affordable, and designed to keep your iPad safe.

With so many options on the market, how can you be sure that youve found the right one? Many people choose to trial and error their way through a plethora of cases. But, this way of doing things is not only lengthy, but it can also be incredibly costly. Instead of running the gamut of possibilities, you can instead save time (and money) and invest in a case that is guaranteed to offer protection.

If youre interested in learning more about why Zugus 10.2-inch iPad case is the best choice, keep reading!

Built to last:

The most important aspect of your case will be how much protection it offers. Zugu cases are made from TPU and PC, hard plastics that are regularly used to create bullet-resistant glass and medical equipment. These materials are designed to last and will provide the highest level of protection and durability available. Other materials, like rubber and silicone, degrade quickly and cases made from these materials have to be replaced regularly. When you invest in a Zugu iPad case, youre investing in a high-quality, professionally designed product.

Zugu cases are designed for protection. Each case has bumpers built into its edges that absorb shock and prevent cracks and dents. The impact from falls and drops can cause permanent damage to the body or screen of your device. These bumpers provide military-grade drop protection that cushions and safeguards your iPad in the case of an inevitable accident.

Airflow vents for good ventilation:

Overheating is a common problem for iPad users, especially when the device is in a case. Thats because traditional iPad cases arent ventilated. The heat generated by the device is trapped between the case and the body of the iPad, which can increase the internal temperature of the device. When an iPad overheats, its internal mechanism can begin to malfunction. Oftentimes, the excess heat causes irreparable damage, sometimes leading to the destruction of the iPad.

With Zugu, you dont have to worry about an overheating device. Cases are designed with airflow vents that allow the generated heat to escape. This means you can use your device for as long as you want to without having to worry about permanent damage. Plus, an overheating device can cause burns or other injuries - something you dont have to consider when using a Zugu case.

Magnetic cover for screen protection

An iPads screen is one of the most vulnerable parts of the device. Zugu cases come equipped with a magnetic cover that keeps dust, grease, lint, and other elements from building up on the screen. The magnets in the cover also activate the automatic sleep/wake feature. When the cover is closed, the iPad automatically goes to sleep. This helps preserve your devices battery, preventing it from draining while not in use. Once you open the cover, the device wakes up again, ready to use and with its battery saved.

The cover also serves as protection if your device is dropped. The soft, microfiber lining of the cover provides a cushion that insulates the screen from damage.

Adjustable magnetic stand for better viewing:

When youre in the mood to watch a movie or scroll the web, the ability to prop your iPad is key. Some iPad cases dont have stands. And those that do often only have one or two positions. Zugus iPad 10.2 inch case has eight possible positions, so youll always be able to use your device at an angle that works for you.

The stand is magnetized to ensure your devices security once the legs are put into place. The magnets keep the legs from shifting or falling while propped, which is a common problem with less well-built cases. Thankfully, the Zugu case has you covered.

Magnetic mount for hands-free use:

Need to use your device hands-free, but dont have space to prop it? Zugu cases have a magnetic mount built into the back that is strong enough to be attached to any metal surface. Once all four corners of the case make contact with the metallic surface, the device will be secured in place. Due to the strength of the magnet, your case wont slide or fall once properly attached. This feature is useful in the kitchen, where your iPad can be connected to flat metallic appliances, like a stainless steel refrigerator. When youre ready to detach your device, just lift a corner of the case to release the magnet.

Apple Pencil pocket:

All Zugu cases have an Apple Pencil pocket located at the back for easy access. This pocket is perfectly snug and designed to fit both generations of the Apple Pencil. If you have a second-generation pencil, you can also wirelessly charge your accessory while its in the case. As long as your device is charging, your pencil will automatically charge along with it.

Zugu iPad cases are designed for protection, but also your ultimate convenience. If youre ready to see what Zugu has to offer you, click here to check out the iPad 10.2-inch case, along with Zugus other great products and accessories.


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