4 Reasons Why Developers Should Not Perform QA Software Testing Services

QA Software

Should developers be responsible for testing their own code? The answer is no.
QA software testing services are an integral part of the software development process. It makes the product user-ready, maintains quality, enhances performance and security.

But there’s an argument in the software development industry about who must carry this step: developers, quality assurance engineers, AI automation, or all of them in combination. When rushing to complete a project, it is not an efficient method to involve as many different parties as possible to examine a piece of software.

QA engineers efficiently and systematically analyze software for any bugs or errors that the product may have. Most of the time, a developer is not the best candidate for software testing services. 

QA Testing

First let’s understand what quality assurance testing is, why it is important, and what are the end goals? Software QA testing is a process of determining whether a particular feature is ready before the new release date. You can avoid losses caused by software failure by implementing thorough and robust QA procedures. QA engineers not only perform tests but also document testing procedures, suggest solutions for the issues, create and streamline QA strategies. They aim to identify bugs in the software and find the best practice to resolve them. By doing so, the end-user can enjoy the best experience possible.

Why Developers Should Not Deal in QA Software Testing Services?

Unit testing is a common technique used by developers. It involves analyzing particular components of the software and having an in-depth knowledge of the code used for creating the software. So let’s take a look at why it is not the right approach for developers to test their code:

  • Biased Judgement

When testing software, the QA engineer should be impartial. It is because when someone tests their own work, they may bring unintentional or unconscious biases to the testing phase. Software developers may find it harder to be objective or simply assume that users will have complete knowledge of the software because they do. A quality assurance engineer is a neutral party that impartially analyzes the software and avoids being biased when running tests.

  • QA Engineers Are Professionals

Developers might have the skills to carry out QA testing, but they are not professional in this particular field. Quality assurance engineers are professionals having the training and skills to perform software testing jobs. Their experience, technical perspective, and background make them more efficient and competent software testers.

  • Lack of Time

To become a successful QA engineer, one should have laser-sharp focus, work hard, and dedicate time to gain practical knowledge in testing. What if a software developer has to do all that work, including writing code, which in itself is a time-consuming task. Then they also have to write project documentation, create plans and strategies, collaborate with stakeholders, and carry out unit tests. It would be impossible to carry out the testing process when developers already have coding to do. It will reduce the efficiency of their work.

  • Slower Release Time

Software development and QA testing are two different jobs. The same person cannot carry out both tasks simultaneously. They have to stop the coding process for starting the testing process and vice versa. It will slow down the workflow and impact productivity in a negative way. Partnering with a dedicated QA team or firm will ensure that your software development does not slow down because of testing. It will ensure that you release your products and features on time without facing any delays.


You will agree with the points mentioned above but have doubts about where to start. If you think about establishing an in-house QA team, it would cost you in terms of money and time. The best approach is to outsource QA software testing services to a reliable and trustworthy firm, such as QASource. Get in touch to see how QASource can help you in streamlining the software development and testing process.


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