What are the Top 10 Lead Generation Affiliate Programs


In b2b sales methodology, markets try their best to leverage every possible technique to generate more leads. Most of the time, markets ignore B2B affiliate programs and that is where they are going wrong.

Affiliate marketing is not only a cup of tea in the B2C world, if you create an affiliate program in the correct method the B2B world can also leverage it, and generating leads will be much easier. You know affiliates are the most trusted people in your industry. They create content that is valuable to your audience. 

Affiliate marketing is basically asking social media personalities and influential industry bloggers to promote your products or services on their websites. In that way, prospective buyers will trust you more and try to learn more about your company. 

You should not forget that Businesses are customers too, they will buy anything from you if you get success in making them believe that your products or services will solve their issues and give them better revenue, you will be able to achieve your business objectives easily. 

Below mentioned are some of the top B2B affiliate marketing programs out there.

1. SEMrush

For the couple of you who may not definitely know, SEMrush is incredible software for SEO experts just as each site proprietor such as news e-comm, etc., permitting them to get to imperative visual information about their site’s ranking, and analysis of their competitors. 

Businesses who are trying to rank their website on Google or any other search engine will definitely be a client of SEMrush. As an affiliate of the SEMrush program, your intended interest group and CR are required to be very huge. 

2. Promo

In the present advanced time, all organizations – all shapes and sizes – need alluring, effective marketing recordings to help them sell their item or services. Truth be told, 92% of marketers today state that video is a significant piece of their marketing technique. 

Simultaneously, numerous sponsors and marketers don’t know precisely how to make recordings in a savvy way. As an affiliate,  this is a place where you can help make their life somewhat simpler while procuring a lot of dollars for yourself.

3. Freshbooks

Freshbooks is an excellent cloud-based small or medium business accounting software. By using Freshbooks, one can track time, send invoices, manage receipts, accept credit cards, and handling expenses. It comes with a free 30-day trial period.

4. Bluehost

The most important thing every marketer wants is a hosting solution for their domain. And, in this scenario, Bluehost is the best website that helps you tremendously. 

5. Lead Advisors

LeadAdvisors is a marketing organization that centers around building methodologies through content creation, sites, and ads that will support the online advancement of administrations and items. 

The organization likewise claims to have higher customer standards for dependability with new customers remaining on for one and a half to two years. The commission rate of Legal Advisors is 20% on the first registration and 10% billings of a lifetime.

6. Supermetrics

Supermetrics offers an affiliate program. It provides high, repeating commissions for each membership sold, in addition to an incredible affiliate local area with affiliate and B2B sales tips and challenges to assist you with getting extraordinary outcomes.

7. Shopify

This organization does not require any introduction. Yet, shouldn’t something be said about the individuals who are simply making their first strides in the web-based business world, and are discussing which solution is most suitable for creating their online store? Those are the intended interest groups for your endeavors as a B2B affiliate to advance Shopify’s services.

8. Fiverr

Fiverr’s online center permits affiliates to offer something applicable to nearly anybody. What’s more, with online services going from editing to image editing, interpretations to SEO reports.

9. SalesNexus

The SalesNexus affiliate program has indicated the potential that makes it an individual from the most pursued lead generation affiliate programs. The program professes to give automated deals and client engagement.

10. Picmonkey

From logo creation and image to templates, pic monkey is a must-buy. You can create as many graphics as you want as per your needs. This is the reason Picmonkey’s services are so applicable and convincing, and unquestionably you should try it. 

Conclusion –

It just seems simple but in reality affiliate marketing requires efforts and time. You have to look for and teach your affiliates. Then you make sure to follow the ROI of your affiliates. 

Your affiliates must possess deep knowledge to understand all the guidelines when promoting your product or services.

Affiliate marketing is also a great carrier option. As per a report published by Business Insider, 15% of digital marketing ROI is connected to affiliate marketing. There are numerous ways to earn extra income affiliate commissions from your website, which consists of top 10 lists, how-to guides, product reviews, and so on.


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