Keeping Sane by Staying Connected during the Pandemic

stay connected

These times are not easy. While many people are looking at the positive side and trying to tell themselves that this too shall pass, others’ mental health is at stake. Because the pandemic is taking a toll on most peoples’ mental and physical health alike. To tackle that, the key here is to stay connected with the world around you.

I am exhausting my Cox Essential package limit for the past 4 months now. Thus, keeping myself sane. But before you learn more about how to stay connected, here are some terms that need more explanation.

The Terms that Pandemic Introduced Us to

Some of the terms that we are most commonly using but are still unable to differentiate between often include:

Social Distancing

A very common public health practice that the world is observing now, social distancing means that individuals should maintain a certain distance amongst themselves. Because this helps to ensure that there is a minimum transmission of the disease from one person to the other. A safe distance is 6 feet. Other than maintaining distance from people, people should avoid some other things as well:

  • Group events
  • Close public spaces


Quarantine refers to restricting people who got exposed to the disease at some point. It is to ensure that the disease does not affect the exposed person. Quarantining the person for a certain amount of time means you want to see whether the person gets sick or not. Because if he becomes a carrier of the disease, it can spread.

Please note that the symptoms of Corona do not show immediately. Therefore, it is suggested to quarantine the person for 2 weeks.


Separating the affected people from healthy ones. Isolation involves bounding a person to a separate room and anyone avoiding going in that room.

How to Stay Positive and Connected

It might be hard for you to imagine staying connected as everyone is restricting themselves to their homes. However, connecting with people does not always involve going out and interacting with people. Here are some tips that can help you stay positive during these trying times.

Get Creative

If there is anything that you need to do during the pandemic is bringing your creative side to use. And this implies to you finding new ways to engage in activities as well. You might have come across those balcony concerts making rounds on the Internet. Not only this but videos of trainers working out in the middle of a street and people following them from their apartments also went viral.

So, they did not come into contact with one another but connected in a way as well. You can think of other creative ways to do so with your friends and family.

Go Out for a Walk

Restricting yourself inside your house for months is almost impossible. Instead what you can do is go out for a walk at a time when the least number of people would. In this way, you will get to breathe fresh air, divert your mind, and also avoid crowded areas.

Learn Something New

Many people took this opportunity to pick up a new hobby and master the art of it. For example, cooking, baking, painting, and writing to name a few. This not only helped to keep the individuals busy but also made them confident about themselves. As they now have another skill up their sleeves. Not to forget the creativity that it brings in a person.

Do not Worry Alone

If you feel anxious, the best way is to call a friend. NEVER worry alone. Because that will make matters worse for you. It will increase your anxiety. Talking out always helps. It aids in lightening your heart. And at times the other person provides a solution that can change your life.

Help Others

Do not underestimate the power of helping others. Because of the positive energy that you will feel inside yourself after that, you have no idea. It will make you feel as if you did an exceptionally good act (which you did, by the way). Apart from that, reaching out to someone is also our duty as a part of society and humanity. You never know what the other is going through.

For example, whenever I call the Cox customer care phone number, the reps solve my issues within minutes. And I had a friend working there who shared just how excited and elated she gets to help people solve their issues. Therefore, you should make an effort to do so as well.


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