Best Places to Visit in Italy

visit in italy

A country situated in south-central Europe, Italy has been one of the favorite places of tourists over the years.

Why won’t it be? Considering the exceptional cuisines, rich culture, masterpiece arts, high-end fashion, and beautiful natural sceneries such as coastline, beaches, priceless monuments, mountains and so much more all around.

Not to forget that this is a country that boasts of 55 world heritage sites that beat down any other countries on the planet earth.

If Italy is your next holiday destination and you are looking for the best places to visit? Well, there are a lot of them and choosing the best one can be overwhelming. However, Shedir Pharma, an Italian based company with years of delivering luxe experiences through travels and conferences, has done the hard work for you. Here is the list of the top places to add to your bucket list and get the most of your holiday.



You haven’t yet explored the splendor of Italy without visiting the country’s capital. Rome is the heart of all: the rich historic culture, the ruins, architecture, religions and everything in between. Here is a city that will satisfy your curiosity and give you an insight into the ancient Rome, early Christian mode and place of worship, and the government powerhouse.

Explore the ancient glories in the Coliseum, the Vatican City, Basilica, Borghese Museum, and Sistine Chapel. Do not forget to toss a coin in Trevin Fountain and eat your way to gelato on the Spanish steps. There is a reason these places are among the tops world tourist attractions.

You can’t really take in the city at a go it is a place to visit again and again with promises of a whole new package of experience.



One of the most beautiful cities and the capital of art in the world, Florence is no doubt a must-visit. To escape the crowded populated city of Rome here is a place to enjoy the feeling of a small town even though the city itself is the opposite. It’s no surprise it is the birthplace of Renaissance and home to the world’s intellect and prominent writers, artists, and scholars such as Dante Alighieri (artist), Filipe Brunelleschi (engineer), to mention a few.

Before you get drowned in the arts in Uffizi Gallery, Basilica di Santa Croce, and architectures by Michelangelo’s, Giambologna or canvasses by Botticelli and Bronzino, first soak up the city beauty in the magnificent Duomo or stroll through Boboli Gardens and Ponte Vecchio.



Also known as “the floating city”, Venice is arguably one of the country’s picturesque cities and very magical. Yes, when you get to see the beautiful bridges, the gondolas, amazing architectures, and winding canals. A place where tourists even outnumbered the locals, Venice sure has a way of capturing tourist hearts making it one of the popular tourist destinations.

From the magnificent landmarks such as  Saint Mark’s Square and Basilica, Doge’s Palace to amazing works of art in Gallerie dell’Accademia, there is a lot to feed the eyes. However, there is more to Venice than artistic richness, iconic places, and museums. Wander along canals and get lost in the narrow streets made of water. You can as well explore the city by taking a gondola ride, and enjoy the magical music. This sure offers a romantic and unforgettable experience. Plus, take a trip to nearby islands like Lido or Murano while in the city.



If not anything, remember where the famous Romeo and Juliet takes place? That is Verona! The city boast of historical monuments and the perfect settings for numerous festivals, fairs, and shows. There are also many medieval and renaissance buildings that portray its amazing history of being part of the Venetian empire.

There is more to the city than just a trip down the memory lane of Romeo and Juliet. One is the Verona own colosseum in Rome that is quite magnificent and stood the test of time considering the time the building was done.  Pay a visit to Castello Vecchio & its bridge and take a good view of the epic city in Piazzale Castel San Pietro. Take a cool ride throughout the city and enjoy everything it has to offer.



As a tourist, a visit to this biggest Mediterranean island will capture your heart. Almost mythical, magical, and fascinating, Sicily is home to ancient best-preserved Greek ruins and it is no wonder it has captured the attention of readers, writers, explorers and many more over the years.

The city has the best natural scenery with stunning seas, beautiful landscapes, and its boast of beautiful climates all year round. Try hiking in summer in  Mount Etna, Europe’s tallest active volcano or skiing in winter. Explore the  UNESCO World Heritage Site Valley of the Temples or visit one of the most perfect greek temples at the Valley of Temple. Do not forget to try out the amazing cuisines or street food while in the city.

This list of best places to visit in Italy given by Shedir Pharma promises an unforgettable experience that will keep you longing for more of the country. To get the most of your visit, book the trip ahead with trusted agencies. While at it, check out their reputations and work with the ones that understand your travel needs. Be careful, however, not everything said might be true as there are sometimes competitors coming up with fake stories such as the fake travel said to be organized by Shedir Pharma. Some stories are only made up by competitors trying to spoil the agency’s reputation.


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