Group Salsa Dancing Lessons In Houston Refine Your Style

Dancing is like food to the soul. When you dance you feel a lot better as all the worries seem to fade away. It helps relax your body and your mind. There are many benefits of dancing that help us live a happier, healthier and longer life. All of us would like to enjoy our time after work and on the weekend what better way can we find other than dancing at the local clubs and bars.

Each day professional dancers are increasing in number. In the past, there were very few popular dancers as there was a lack of institutions that taught dance. Those who learned to dance professionally had to live on meager earnings as they could get no gigs for long periods. Now with the many dance studios and the internet boom, the dance scene has taken a big boost and is still booming. Professional dancers are supporting the art and serving as a big inspiration to those that wish to pursue the career.

More participants can enter the international competition which serves as an impetus for new comers. They can find the various Salsa competitive events on the internet. The Salsa dance community is now expanding globally. Dancing is an art that all of us enjoy watching. It has been part of various cultures since time and antiquity. Dinner and dance events have been around for centuries. Many dance styles were only limited to the aristocracy. This included the ballroom style of dancing. With time, almost all people can learn and dance all style of dance.

Salsa dancing is one of the most popular dances these days. It has its origin in Eastern Cuba and then became popular in other Latin American countries till it came to America. Many countries in the world now host international Salsa dance competitions. Salsa events are much awaited as participants prepare for their performances. The dance studios work with the performers to help them improve their routines.
They have a series of classes, beginners, intermediate and advanced level every month. Learning in a group form is a lot of fun. This gives you a good opportunity to make new friends. When you learn in a group you can learn and practice the various lead and follow steps easily. Repeating the routine with the help of your class is better than practicing alone.

At the beginner level Salsa dancing lessons, you will take 4 classes in a month and then move up to the intermediate level and within 3 months you will be dancing like an accomplished dancer. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes to class so you can move, stretch and flex easily. The woven garments should be avoided as they may restrict muscle movement. Instead, wear the knitted garments that will let you flex and stretch as much as you like. If you will come straight from work dressed formal, you can bring a change of clothes with you. If you do not have a partner, worry not! The instructors will fill in as a partner. Everyone at the dance studio is dressed casually for the classes.

In the beginner level Salsa dancing lessons, you will learn the basic footwork and the Salsa music timing. The music is a bit slow for beginners. There are many turns and spins that you will be introduced to and with the help of the instructor you will get them right in a short period. As you move up to the pre-intermediate Salsa class you will get familiar with more Salsa steps such as cross-body lead, right turn, and open break. Some students who have never danced before may take a little longer to learn than others. They may find some steps too difficult as compared to others. The instructors will be there to assist you throughout your learning process and will make sure you learn the important steps in time and at your own pace.

If you are taking the intermediate level Salsa dancing lessons, get prepared for some challenging spins with fast music. You will learn new patterns and the instructor will focus more on your dance styling and spins. After you go through this level you are now ready for advanced lessons. It is good to look for clubs where you can continue to practice with other Salsa dancers. At the advanced level Salsa dancing lessons you will have an exciting time learning the multiple spins, shines and various patterns that will groom you as a Salsa dancer.

Students from dance classes often meet up at the Salsa club nights at the various clubs in Houston. They practice together and have a fun time brushing up their skills. At these Houston clubs, you will meet with the young party-seekers that gather for freestyle shimmying and sultry Salsa dancing. On Friday night, some venues have the live Latin music mixed with Top 40 covers and you can join others club-goers for spinning, shaking and grooving.


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