Tips to Being a Better Martial Artist

Ezzat Daniel Nesseim

It’s a new year and we all have laid down goals that need to be achieved before the year runs out. As a martial artist, maybe you have always set goals that aren’t producing desired results. Well, it can be due to improper rest, training gets frustrating or the inspiration has simply just wade off. Whatever the case might be, let Ezzat Daniel Nesseim shows you (base on experience) the tips to getting better on martial arts this year. Whether it is for competition or training, here are tips to get you focused on your goals. 

Set Realistic Goals

If you don’t want to get discouraged and demotivated after weeks of training, it is better to set realistic goals. Some people assume they need to go full speed, learn as much as possible and involve in rigorous training if they want to reach their goals fast. Apart from getting discouraged when things aren’t going the way you desires, there are risk of injuries and burn out. You get injured, broken and messed up, you quit. 

The way to go about it is to break down your long terms goals into weekly goals. For instance, If you can’t do 80 pull-ups in a day, do 30. Go at your own pace, adjust, correct your mistakes if it arises and get better with the techniques. As you go, you will level up and you are more steps higher to your goals. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. 

Do Something you Love doing

You will be more focused and motivated when you are doing what you love. Discover the technique you love the most and get more involved in doing it. If yours is karate or sparring, get more involved in it and train with students that are already digging it in those areas. This will challenge you to work harder and be the best that you can be in it.

there are numerous ways to get involved. Compete in the tournament, help out with training and assisting other classes, attend events that involve your favorite training or techniques. Ask for help from your instructors on areas you feel you are still lacking behind. The deeper you go, the more motivated you will be. 

Try something New

Are you getting bored with the training? Let’s face, training can get boring and frustrating especially when you aren’t seeing results. Maybe it’s that time to start something new, who knows, it can become your best point and strength. Moreover, for an all-round practice, it is vital to know and understand the different techniques and forms in MMA. Therefore, learn something new, relearn some techniques, or go back to those you don’t even enjoy doing at all. See it as a challenge and discover some new methods to practice. Get ideas from high-ranking students or your instructors and develop yourself in that area as well. 

Take Care of your Body

 The muscles need to relax and repair from the exercise, therefore, rest is very important. moreover, to boost your efficiency and performance, it is important to feed on nutritious meal and stay hydrated. After all, you are what you eat.  “Eat good food, rest and reevaluate your martial arts journey. Have fun while at it, it doesn’t have to be boring,” says Ezzat Daniel Nesseim .


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