A Complete Guide to Wearing Jewelry For Women, Girls & Men


Jewelry is loved by all and whether it’s for women, each one of us loves to adorn ourselves with jewels. Jewelry is one of those things for everyone that if they wear an outfit and look in the mirror and not wearing any jewelry, it just feels like something’s missing and so the minute they put on jewelry it’s just magic and the outfit just comes together effortlessly. It might be the most surprising affordable thing in their closet when they think about the number of times that they could wear something, it’s quite frequent compared to something like a shirt that they are going to wear, maybe once a week at most. Although the worst thing in the world is when someone buys a piece of jewelry and immediately regrets it. So there are ways that could prevent buyer’s remorse when it comes to jewelry and make sure that one loves a piece of jewelry. Hence it is necessary to take care of some points before actually indulging and defining your elegance with such jewelry. Below mentioned are some tips for men, women, and girls.

Jewelry for Men –

It’s so simple, just take the necklace and there’s a small clasp in the back you just put the other bit in it and there you go that’s how you wear a necklace as a man. But it’s not that simple. It’s important how to style, how to pull it off, what to wear with what style, etc.

Men are more and more curious about jewelry like having a watch or two, a necklace even or some beaded bracelets. But more recently, they have been feeling an itch and urge to experiment more. Try some rings, some short necklaces, long pendant ones, or maybe even get your ears pierced. But will it suit their style? Can they pull it off?

First things first, yes men can also wear jewelry that isn’t just watches and wearing earrings or rings or anything else for that matter does not say anything about their sexuality, their style is simply a form of self-expression that’s meant to be fun and bring confidence, so they don’t have to be afraid to experiment and have fun with it. Some people go one of two ways when they get into jewelry. 

One that tends to go super minimal usually guys who have more of a classic style and they like to dress maybe a little more on the formal side of things and just enjoy the classic pieces they tend to gravitate towards just a simple minimal watch and maybe a ring on one of the hands of just a wedding band if they’re married and leave it at that and then another one who just goes full out stacking necklaces three or four rings per hand, bracelets, earrings, the whole shebang all in one outfit and not just one but in every outfit and eventually, as people evolve with their style. They tend to end up in more of a middle ground between the two, not too minimal, not crazy overboard but most importantly their style of jewelry becomes a lot more defined and intentional to be coherent with the overall style of individual and just to be clear there isn’t a right or wrong here when done tastefully.

Someone who likes skinny jeans boots all-black looks so he can probably go a little heavier on the jewelry two or three rings per hand and feel free to go bold with the designs perhaps a chunky necklace and some statement earrings if you have your ears pierced. 

Someone wants some loose garments and place the emphasis on a cool stack of necklaces and then tone down the rest of the jewelry simple rings and small hoop earrings even with a super basic outfit like a white t-shirt and jeans just adding some subtle jewelry on top of a minimal watch a silver cuff bracelet some earrings and a pendant necklace. This will instantly elevate the look and make it look that much more put together.

Jewelry for Girl or woman –

For a teenage girl, there can be jewelry a bit more on the minimal side like giant colorful statement earrings with a sweatshirt or casual shirts. These can be suited best with longer hair and it is something more minimal which would be a great thing. The specialty of minimal jewelry is that you can add layers as much as a girl wants. So, it’s not something that she is going to get sick of and it’s not something that other people will be like oh she’s just wearing that necklace again. Like when you wear something that actually could be worn every day, then you can accessorize along with it and make it special in its way.

Next, a woman or girl should choose quality over quantity but in the case of jewelry, it’s quality than quantity because she could layer like it’s always growing and it’s never really changing though so it is preferred to get something that’s quality so that then they could add to it over time. It should be something that is a slow process. So far, it takes around a couple of years or so to really build up their jewelry collection and can also move it from brass pieces into gold pieces just because it is better for their skin and of course, gold isn’t going to lose its value. It’s something that could always be an investment piece when any girl or woman thinks about her jewelry collection by top custom jewelry manufacturers.

One of the most regretful purchases is when it doesn’t fit right so that could mean four rings, especially it can be very tricky so when she picks out sizes of rings, the best way to start with that is to pick something for not your middle finger but middle-sized for all of her fingers. So, instead of getting a ring that’s just for her pinky or just for her thumb right off the bat, like the first ring, then she should get a finger that is middle-sized so that for her, it is for the index finger. If she gets something sized for that finger then what she can do is if she could ever like to gain or lose weight or if she could be just a little bit more bloated then she can switch fingers. Because it feels like rings are the one thing that is bound to get resized.

A girl or woman can wear a necklace that could layer very easily that has an adjustable chain having a length in the 24-inch range or the 16-inch range. 20-inch necklaces are more suitable as they don’t tangle quite as easily.

No one looks better with zero jewelry depending on their style. Some people and some outfits will look better with a lot less jewelry, some with more and some with a different kind of jewelry. It all depends on style. There are a lot of choices and it can get pretty crazy. For those looking for wholesale jewelry manufacturers UK, place offers you various options to search for and choose the best jewelry for yourself.


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