How Can I Increase My Chances of Surviving Cancer?

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Cancer, a medical condition that is accompanied by intense struggle and is often used alongside adjectives such as “battle,” “fight,” and “survival.” Statistics and data from the American Society of Cancer state that around one in three individuals around the world would face cancer in their lifetime by 2030. Therefore, the fight against cancer is always real.

You must always understand that the fight against cancer is rarely fair on many occasions:

  • In many cases, the diagnoses of cancer or tumor are very late
  • The treatment programs are strenuous and can be very taxing on the body.
  • Medically speaking, in many cases, the body fails to display the symptoms associated with cancer.
  • Failure to recognize the signs of cancer

Having stated all that, post-diagnoses, how do you survive the “battle” against cancer? How do you fight against all odds? That is a daunting question, and the world has seen numerous survivors and fighters who fought against the medical conditions and came out clean. But understanding how to fight it also means understanding that there is no valid or perfect answer for a question like this.

How to increase the chances of surviving cancer?

Increasing your chances of surviving, reducing the risk of failing, and beating your cancer can be done by following these steps:

1. Detect your cancer on time.

Early detection of cancer is a critical point in surviving cancer. When diagnosed and treated earlier, your chance of long-term survival and remission significantly increases—detecting before includes many steps such as regular check-ups, screening, and not ignoring the signs of your body.

2. Consult a specialist

As obvious as it sounds, it is necessary to see a cancer specialist at the best cancer hospital. Your specialist will help you decide your healthcare team and the therapy required to treat cancer. It is always advised to consult a specialist rather than treating cancer at home or with general physicians.

3.  Medical team

Besides finding your oncologist, you must also consider consulting a cancer treatment center that would provide you find and collect a medical team specializing in cancer. This team consists of various specialists who would advise you on your treatment plan and timely monitor multiple parts of your body. They would also advise you to take part in clinical trials that would improve your chances of survival.

4. Get multiple opinions

Cancer is a severe medical condition. Before finalizing in with the first specialist you consult with, it is always advised to take numerous opinions from an array of specialists and medical oncologists. This way, you can make a list of treatment methodologies suggested by them and profile the various specialists. Finally, it is essential because if the opinions concur, you are convinced that you would be going for the right treatment program which would have been seriously reviewed by many. This would spare you a lot of second-guessing and regrets later.

5. Knowledge

Knowing about your cancer and the astounding number of resources and articles available for patients can open a plethora of opportunities for you to avail yourself. These could be workshops, news, support groups, society memberships, free educational material, assistance, and even financial aid. You can take advantage of these resources and increase your chances of winning the “battle” and stay positive on your road to recovery.

6. Seek Support

Fighting a “battle” as tough as cancer requires an enormous amount of physical and emotional support. This you must seek from your partner, friends and family, and other people who have your back. You can also join cancer support communities that help patients dealing with cancer help fight it. It is essential to talk and work on your societal relationships to fight cancer.

7. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

While battling cancer, you would be advised to follow a particular type of therapy. Aside from the therapy, you must institute a healthy lifestyle that includes proper food and plenty of exercises when your body can allow it. You must also ensure that you follow up with your doctors to help you manage your comorbidities alongside the symptoms associated with cancer.

8. Commitment

One of the key factors that determine your survival rate is your commitment to the treatment program. Your fight stays a fight as long as you are continuing your treatment program or your clinical trial. It is a process and often, these therapies take a toll on the body, but it is essential to continue with it to ensure that all the cancer cells spreading in the body are eliminated. Terminating your treatment midway can lead to a lot of complications aside from the recurrence of your cancer.

9. Advocate for yourself

It is necessary to advocate for yourself and research information on different ways and methods to improve your survival. It also means not losing heart and accepting defeat but pressing on to ensure complete cure.

Concluding Remarks

Cancer is a deadly disease with a mind of its own but is also one that can be fought hard and won over. The key to fighting cancer and increasing our survival depends on various factors. It is most important to take your time in assessing your condition, ask the right questions, and follow the right way to improve your chances of survival. In conclusion, you must make it possible to stay alert to new treatment programs, financial aid fellowships, workshops, and clinical trials to get enrolled into so that you not only stay educated about your condition but also know how to fight it effectively.

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