Instant Fresh Breath in Your Pocket

Mountain Breeze

We have all been in a situation where either due to dehydration or our strong-flavored food our mouths stink and we experience bad breath. You can’t keep a toothbrush in your pocket every time your mouth begins to smell bad; neither can you depend on the mint chewing gums for they need to be disposed of.


Oral hygiene products and mouth fresheners are required in the day-to-day activities of every individual. You wake up and one of the first products you require is your toothbrush and toothpaste to get ready for the day. But it is also a fact that its impact is ephemeral. Every time that you require to maintain a fresh mouth odor, you can’t brush your teeth. 

brush teeth

The advertisements about these certain toothpaste brands and mint gums can be misleading as they are not for instant use. Who would brush their teeth to be kiss-ready or use chewing gum before an important presentation?  These instant situations require an instant solution that would be easy to use. 

This is where Fresh Breath Strips by Mountain Breeze come into play. We will tell you five reasons why you need to switch to this amazing product for your oral hygiene needs.

  1. Easy to carry: These strips are the most efficient when it comes to their practical packing. The mints come in packets like cassettes full of mint strips containing from two or three to thirty strips which can be adjusted in your pockets, bags, or wallets easily.
  2. Ease of Usage: Created using the Unique Orally Disintegrating Strips technology, these strips can dissolve in your mouth instantly and give you long-lasting fresh breath right away.
  3. Zero Sugar: There are only a few mouth fresheners available in the markets that are sugar-free. Along with their portability and easy usage, these fresh breath mint strips can even be used by diabetic patients or people who prefer to consume less sugar in their everyday diets.
  4. 100% Vegetarian: These fresh breath spearmint contain no elements or ingredients that do not fall under the vegetarian components. This makes the mint strips consumable for vegetarians who fear the presence of animal fats and such products in the alternatives like gums. This is a certified vegetarian product.
  5. Long-lasting confidence: We can’t deny the fact that oral hygiene and fresh breath give everyone newfound confidence. With these fresh breath mint strips, you gain a long-lasting fresh breath with just a single use. Your confidence can last for a long time through this product and make your day more productive and active.

Mountain Breeze fresh breath strips are a one-of-a-kind product available in the markets. It comes in a vast number of flavors to choose from. These fresh breath spearmints dissolve in your mouth the moment they touch your tongue giving you an instant icy cool feeling and an enduring effect of fresh breath. With these fresh breath mint strips in your pocket, you can be ready for any kind of adventure instantly.


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