How to Update your Wardrobe on a Budget?


The usual perception about updating the wardrobe comes with an extensive budget. Or, buying very cheap clothes. Both of these notions are false. With some clever hacks and careful spending, you can revamp your budget with minimum expenditure.

I used to think the same. But then, I went through some amazingly helpful fashion blogs with one of my Spectrum internet plans. From the many effective tips I read, I’m going to share the best ones with you. let’s freshen up your wardrobe with these fun tips. And I repeat, no extravagant budget required!

Scrutinize Your Closet

We all tend to stack up so many pieces in our wardrobes that we almost forget so much stuff that we own. Spend a weekend sorting your closets. And you will discover so much stuff that you have hardly worn more than once. You will also find pieces, which you kept away as old fashioned and now that they are trending again, you can make a statement without having to buy anything. Denim jackets are one instance.

Set a Budget

It’s very easy to overspend, enticed by some ongoing sales when you don’t set a fixed budget. If you are trying to get your hands on some new trendy pieces, creating a clothing or shopping allowance for yourself is a good strategy. You don’t want to end up hating yourself after you have gone way beyond budget.

Also, make a habit to use cash only. With credit cards, it is easy to be tempted to buy unnecessary extras.

Recycle to Restyle

Do you have any pieces in your wardrobe, which you have already worn a million times? But you still love them and they have styling potential! Some instances could be a pair of ripped jeans that fit so well or a dress that has a striking pattern. Transform them!

You can add some detail to the hems like fringes and tassels. Or, you can dye them to a different color. Or, you can make a midi skirt out of that dress. The possibilities are unlimited. Experiment with these tweaks and you will be able to feel that zing again.

Think Options

Before you invest in a pair of new pants or a shirt, consider making a mental check through your closet. If the item you are buying doesn’t go with at least 3-5 items you already own, don’t buy it. You don’t want to spend on pieces, which are not worth the cost.

Mix & Match

This technique is the key to creativity and versatility. If you have a good taste for styling and dressing, you will cleverly mix and match new pieces with the old ones. Sticking to a neutral color palette while shopping for new pieces will allow you to have many matching items to try with them.

Avoid Trends

Are you into Fast Fashion? It is called fast for a reason. It comes and goes quickly. Thanks to fashion gurus! What we want to suggest here to resist the urge to stock your wardrobe with one similar trending color, dress shape, and so on. It’s hard to resist the trending trends on Instagram and Pinterest, but if you don’t want to spend a lot, you should. And the trend will be soon replaced by something new before you know it.

Connect with Your Favorite Brands

Linking up with your favorite brand’s social media accounts is a clever strategy. Many brands tend to share special discounts and exclusive codes on their social media profiles only. You can get some great pieces at a reasonable price.

Scrutinize Sales

Keep all the sales cycles into consideration before you plan to buy something. The normal sales patterns are the end of the month, the end of the season, and of course, the end of the year. Avoid impulsive shopping and wait for sales. Go for timeless pieces, which you can use for a good amount of time. Also, with the good sale running, you have a plethora of options to choose from.

Buy from Clearance

It’s a good practice to check out the clearance sale first. The items are even cheaper in that category. Take advantage of those heavy discounts.

Host Clothing Swaps

Instead of all the hassle of selling your old clothes, swapping them with a friend can overhaul your wardrobe completely. And not just yours, your friend’s too. It is fun to host a clothes-swapping party with some music and a bottle of wine.

Wear Again

The trend of wearing one dress just once, and to shop for every forthcoming event needs to be changed. Be a trendsetter! Repeat your best dresses. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, set an example in this regard by repeating her dresses on several occasions. And we loved it!


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