The Latest Trend in Technology That will Land You a Good Job

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Today’s technology has evolved so much that its pace is unimaginable. This evolution has enabled a faster acceleration of change in our lives and our society. Furthermore, as technology changes, so also do trends and other things change too. This has made professionals in the IT field realize that they need to upgrade their knowledge and skills. They also discovered that they have to move with the current trend and develop themselves. This is why I.T. experts like Rafael Oliveira Bitcoin continuously undergo I.T. training to brush up their skills.

What is Currently Happening in The I.T World

In 2023, artificial intelligence will become a booming industry before the year runs out. This is in addition to machine learning and natural language processing. People can use AI to do complex tasks at a faster rate. AI has been used to improve mobile call rates. For example, there is a new 5G that has revolutionized the telephone industry. This will also affect other aspects of our lives.


This branch of IT is a revolutionary advancement in technology that has changed many lives. Nowadays, our daily lives depend on data-powered software and devices. Datafication is when you modify human tasks into technology driven by data. For instance, devices powered by AI, office apps and machines, mobile devices, and so on need data to operate. To store and keep this data safe, there is a demand for datafication in every country.

Benefits of Datafication

  • Anyone with datafication knowledge can work as an IT manager, technician, engineer, data scientist, or any other IT professional. Moreover, those who aren’t in the IT field but are interested in the industry can get certifications relevant to datafication.
  • If your datafication skills are high, you can emerge as a big leader and work in big tech firms in developed countries.

Machine Learning

This is a branch of AI and works hand in hand with AI. Several industries adopt the use of machine learning in their innovative operations. Similarly, there are so many job openings for machine learning professionals.

Machine learning engineers earn like 1.2 million dollars annually. Rafael Oliveira Bitcoin predicted that by 2025, machine learning will fill nearly 10 percent of the employment gap that is available. This includes jobs in data science, automation, robotics, and so on.

Computing Power

This is a trend that has firmly found its place in our society. Employers are currently looking for people with competent computing Power skills. Most appliances and devices are now computerized more so that data scientists have made predictions on the future of computing. They predict that there would be a rise in computing infrastructure which will change the future. “And since 5G is here, it is believed that 6G will soon follow,” proposed Rafael Oliveira Bitcoin.

The Future of Computing Power

The introduction of 6G will increase the power of technology and mobile phones, and other devices. In addition, it will provide more job opportunities for those in tech. However, these jobs are specialized jobs that require special skills. Hence, a candidate without these skills is not qualified for a computing power job.


Fields in computing power include IT management, robotics, and data science. These fields contribute to the major employment rate in most countries. As computing technology improves day by day, more skilled jobs will open. In return, employers will hire more staff, and the economy will boom more.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the most popular aspects of technology and IT. The AI industry is full of many prospects and has touched all phases of our lives. Before now, AI has been something people hear about. But now, they get to experience first-hand what AI is all about, especially with the new mobile phone technology. Currently, AI has a lot of impact on how we play, live, and work. Its influence is far superior to other technology ever known to man. For example, AI is used to create personal assistants for phones, speech and image recognition devices, life-changing applications, and many more.

Further Uses of AI

AI determines insights and connections to predict customers’ demands for services by analyzing their interactions. This helps companies in their decision-making process and utilize their resources efficiently. It also helps in detecting changes in customers’ behaviors. Additionally, data analysis enhances customers’ experience and drives revenue.

The Future of AI

AI is currently being integrated into every sector. As a result, companies in these sectors seek for workers to maintain, support, test, develop, and program the AI systems. By the end of 2023, AI is estimated to reach more than 100 billion dollars. And in the next two years, AI will be worth more than that. In fact, scientists speculated that it will triple the amount.

Besides, the money spent on research on AI and cognitive systems is so much. It is believed that this will boost the AI market in 2025. Furthermore, AI-related jobs are one of the highest-paying jobs at present. AI workers like AI architects earn around 150,000 dollars annually.


In summary, Rafael Oliveira Bitcoin advises professionals to stay with the trend to keep up with any new technology that is out. Otherwise, you might find yourself with outdated skills that employers don’t find useful. If this happens, you might not be able to keep your job because employers look for workers with new skills.


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