Best Head Guard for BJJ – Why You Should Use Headgear

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Buying the best headgear for BJJ comes with its own challenges one needs to know if the headgear fits properly or not. Being comfortable during a fight is not just important but confidence automatically leads towards victory. Before buying the best headgear for BJJ always ensure that, the quality of the head guard is the best one. Other than that, choose a color that suits your personality.

When it comes to boxing one needs to be healthy to ensure a good fight. Boxing has its own charm because a boxer does not only want to keep himself fit but boxing also leads to a disciplined lifestyle. Being in a fight creates computation between a boxer and ensuring safety very important. Various types of punches can severely hurt a boxer. To make sure that a boxer keeps him/her secure buying a good headgear is necessary. The head is the most sensitive part of the human body. Protecting ahead includes protecting the skull, nose, eyes, and chin. Headgear comes in various shapes and sizes and it boosts the confidence of an individual during a fight. If you want to create a strong impression of yourself while fighting in the ring, make sure you buy a customized headgear.

List of the Best Head Guards for BJJ

Open face head guard

These are the most commonly used headgear that helps you protect your face from all sides and provides the maximum vision. The nose is open in this headgear, which can cause nose bleeding so if it is a big boxing fight you should not buy this type of headgear. For starters, open-face headgear is the best choice. The other three types are ringside open-gear headgear, century open-face headgear, and ever last competition head guard.

Mexican style

The second type of headgear is Mexican style headgear. This protects the cheeks as well as the nose. It has less visibility but the best part is that it completely protects your face. These are not easily available everywhere and are a little expensive. We provide you with the best collection of Mexican style headgear at affordable prices. There are three more types of Mexican headgear such as Cleto Reyes headgear, Rival headgear, and ever last ever-cool headgear.

MaxxMMA kickboxing Headgear

This headgear has special cheek padding and molded face bar with full chin protection. This keeps the user safe from the toughest punches to the face. Most importantly, it offers shock reduction over the chin, cheeks, back of the head, forehead, and ears. This product comes in dimensions of 9.25″ x 9.75″. They are ideal not just for BJJ competitions but also for sparring, kickboxing, karate, and Taekwondo.

Boxing Head Guard (Elite Sports)

You would be taking kickboxing or sparring to a new level of experience with this Boxing Head Guard. The materials used in making it are easy to clean and maintain. It has special protective features like pre-curved technology. This makes the headgear to fit every head shape and size. The wearer feels comfortable and it protects the cheek and head from severe shock. It is ultra-light and very good for speedy movements during boxing.

ARD-Champs Boxing Head Guard

Wearing this headgear also keeps you safe. It has a creative style and it is made of leather. It is detachable and has a gel integrated mold for the best experience. It has heavy-duty shock absorption, and it is secure. It has a detachable grill, which is great for full-face protection.

Full face headgear

Professional boxers mostly wear this type of head guard. Therefore, it is one of the best headgear for BJJ. It has a special type of built-in metal bar that protects your nose. The face is fully covered and this protects your face from all punches and hits. There are further three types of full-face headgear, ringside DSFH full-face headgear, winning full-face headgear, and Everlast C3 full-face headgear.

The most common colors used are black, yellow, red, blue, and purple. While choosing the headgear for yourself research the market and calculate your budget. According to your budget, you need to look into two different specifications. The head guard is as important as gloves in boxing. To avoid head injury it is recommendable to use headgear of the best quality in order to protect yourself.

If you were going to buy the best headgear for BJJ going to an online website would be the easiest way to purchase the right type of headgear. The right headgear for BJJ is easily available on the Infinitude Fight. Now you can check all the variety and colors that are available. You might find different varieties of the head guard while online research. Best fighters do not compromise on the quality of the headgears or gloves before going for a fight.


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