10 Steps Guide to Build a Mobile App for your Business

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Have you been thinking of building an app for your business? If the answer is yes, then you need what will serve as a guide or template that you can use to build your app. You need the template that Mobile app development companies have been using over the years to develop good apps.

In this article, we will list 10 steps that will guide you to build a mobile app for your business.

1. App Planning

To develop an app that will suit your business, you need proper planning. First, you have to look at what your business is based on and try to build an app that will be in the context of your business. You have to include your target audience in your planning also.

2. Decide on who will build your app

The mobile app developer you choose should be able to translate your idea perfectly. He or she should be able to look at the plan you have drafted and come up with an app that will match your plan. If you hire the wrong person, everything you have put into planning your app might just be a wasted effort. If he or she does not translate your plan well, you will have to spend another money to hire another person. So you must choose the right person to build your app.

3. Do Some Market Analysis

Look into the app market and find out if there are apps that are similar to what you want to build. In most cases, you will surely find similar apps. If you find similar apps, you should now take it as a responsibility to improve on the apps that are similar to what you want to build. It will be disappointing to launch a new app without improving on the similar apps that are already in use.

4. Build A Mock-up

Using online wireframing tools, you can build a mock-up of the app you want to build. You can use these tools to develop the app and analyse how it is going to work if you eventually build the original app.

5. Test The Mock-up

A mock-up app is like a dummy version of what you want to build. You can now test your app and see how it works. You can give access to friends and families to test run the app and rate how it works. The response you get from those you give access to will help you when you want to build the original app.

6. Revise The Details

You should revise by adding and removing features based on the responses and suggestions you get from people.

7. Build your Mobile app

This is where the work is. But if you have followed the first up to the fifth step, building your app will be easy. All the experience you have gathered from the mock-up app you built and all the responses you got from those you gave access to will be helpful here. You will consider everything when building your app.

8. Plan on How To Launch Your Mobile App

After building your app to the best of your ability, the next task is to plan on how to launch your app, decide the pricing, create awareness through social media and collaborate with journalists and bloggers.

9. Optimize Your App for The App Store

You can optimize your app by following the App Store Optimization process. When you optimize your app, users will be able to see it once they search for your app.

10. Do Not Stop Improving Your App

Do not relent on making changes to your app even after it has been launched. There will certainly be new information that will arise after you have launched your app that will warrant you to keep making changes to your app.


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