Royal Migration Review – How to Get PR in Australia 2020?


From having the right to live in Australia indefinitely and, to the opportunity to bring in loves ones to entitlement to health care, loans, social security, and other benefits, having an Australia PR is no doubt one of the best things that can happen to a foreigner. However. Good things do not always come easy and this saying holds true when it comes to an Australian PR. Are there any easy ways of getting this visa? Well, there are factors, conditions, criteria for selections at play when it comes to the different programs available. Here is Royal Migration Review, a renowned immigration consultant dealing with all types of visa-related issues to walk you through how you can get an Australian permanent resident visa easily.

What are the Australia PR eligibility criteria?

Point test- PR application is point-based in which applicants received points based on certain criteria that range from age to education to work experience. 

Age- you are also scored according to age and must be under 45 years. 

Qualification– points are given on the highest degree of qualifications and the degree must be globally recognized including in Australia.

Language Proficiency–  you are expected to take IELTS  (International English Language Testing System) to show proof of proficiency in the English language.

Skillset  Category– you are scored based on skillset or experience in a skilled occupation which must match the skillset list in Australia.

Job Experience– having a considerable work experience in any of the profession listed on occupation list also attracts point 

Spouse skills and qualifications: applicant whose spouse is not a resident/native of Australia earn extra points if the spouse or partner meets the General Skilled Migration basic such as age, education as listed above. 

Medical status: you have to be physically and mentally fit.

What are the Australian visa categories to choose from?

Skilled migration program

The popular way of getting an Australia visa is through a skilled migration program as the country is on the lookout for migrants who can contribute to their economy. This depends on educational qualifications, employment experience, and many more. Applicants are to choose the program that fits their eligibility and qualifications.

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189):

This is an option for all individuals who have the skills in demand in the Australia labor market. The permit is offered to the candidate based on points and you receive an invitation to apply.  This type of visa is however not sponsored. 

Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190):

This category is for people with occupations or skills in high demand.  You must have a  nomination from an Australian state/Territory. Plus you are required to prove that the occupation is on the skilled occupation list. 

Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (Subclass 491):

This allows holders to live, and work in regional areas of Australia. Under this category, skilled workers can apply after having lived and worked in designated areas for five years. Then, they become eligible for a permanent regional visa after 3 years. For this, you must meet the skill requirement and get sponsorship or nomination from either state or region or territory.  

Employer-Sponsored Migration:

This category allows Australian employers to sponsor employers while allowing them to work and live in Australian permanently. The aim is to make up for the shortage of skillset in the Australia labor market. Hence, matching the vacancies with those that meet the skillsets, qualifications, and requirements. However, the employer has to prove that those highly skilled niche positions cannot be filled by Australian workers.  You can only apply for this program once you have been proffered nomination form an Australian recruiter or company. 

Other ways to apply for a permanent resident visa include:

Family-stream permanent residence visas: 

This category is for Australian citizens or residents inviting their family members, spouse/partner, children, or parents.

Business or investment-stream permanent residence visas:

This category is for those who are interested in starting a business or investing in businesses in Australia. You must meet the financial requirements and must have had the provisional visa (subclass 188) for at least one year.

There are many options available for Australia PR and it all depends on if you meet the criteria. For more information on how to get started on your permanent residence visa application, contact  Royal Migration. Plus, check out Royal Migration Review to know the experiences of other applicants who have successfully gotten their PR visas.


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