International Cargo Shipping with Meest America

International Cargo Shipping with Meest America

The Meest America company has worked in international cargo shipping since 1995. Experience and acquired knowledge help to create profitable, convenient, and safe cargo routes for all clients. And their insurance and customs clearance departments allow them to provide a full range of transportation services. What does the freight international shipping company offer?

International Cargo Shipping Opportunities

Cooperating with Meest America, you can choose the optimal way of shipping by sea – the most demanded type of transportation:

  • FCL (full container loading — a container with one customer’s goods).
  • LCL (partial loading with payment only for the actual cargo volume, not the entire container).

The cost of international cargo shipping by sea depends on the selected format, distance, and type of cargo, and you can easily calculate it directly on the website with the help of an online calculator.

Sea Container Transportation (FCL)

FCL (Full Container Load) is a standard type of loading goods into a container when the client rents the entire container and does not share the space with anyone.

The advantages of FCL transportation are the following:

  • The client can transport any volume of goods.
  • The container is sent precisely according to the schedule. As soon as the loading is finished, they do not wait for other customers’ loads.
  • The transit time is significantly shorter than LCL, as there is no need to wait to consolidate other customers’ cargoes for shipment.

Delivery of Consolidated Cargo (LCL)

LCL (Less Container Load) — overseas freight shipping from different consignors in one (collective) container. This way, small consignments not occupying the entire container space are sent. The customer does not pay for the rent of the whole container but only for the space in it. Instead, each client will hear an individual transportation price, which depends on the parcel volume it occupies in the container.

What Does the Cost of Sea Transportation Depend on?

The price of cargo shipping international services depends on the goods type. Planning to ship dangerous goods will take more money from your wallet. Also, consider factors such as the route, distance, and volume influencing the price.

Additional services can also affect the price. The more additional services are provided (loading work, customs clearance, insurance, etc.), the higher the total amount.

The Meest company provides free cargo storage in its warehouses for 21 days and different container cargo transportation options. Contact them, and the company managers will tell you how to deliver your cargo to other continents profitably.


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