An Expedition of Overnight Desert Safari Dubai Like Never Before

desert safari

Have you ever been to a desert? Can you imagine being in the middle of nowhere and still feel the most alive? Well, the barrenness of Dubai keeps the beauty beyond imagination! Dubai has its conservation reserve in the southern region of UAE. It has become a busy tourist attraction of the city in a short span of time. This is mainly due to the myriad opportunities if offers such as thrilling sand sports, night camping, and live shows. An overnight desert safari Dubai is a great pick if you keep a knack for adventures.

Do you want to dig more of it? Give a read to the following context to get an idea of what an expenditure of night at the dunes actually means.

What Does Overnight Desert Safari Look Like?

1. An Exciting Camel Safari

Desert safari is not a place to wander on feet. You’ll quickly get tired by a little mile walk. So, navigating a camel is must-try activity at a desert safari in Dubai. Explore the golden dunes at the peak transitioning of dusky hues. Absorb the welcoming breeze of the Arabian dunes from over the camel’s hump. Camel ride is offered complimentary in a typical expedition to the dunes of Dubai. The fun is double when you ride a camel during sunset. Because it’s the best time to take some cool snaps with your squad.

2. Dawn at the Desert

The ultimate appeal of the desert to its guest is its exquisite sun show. If you want to collect some epic memories in the scenic background of nature’s vista. A spark of delight rejuvenates your soul when you step out of your camp to the bewitching view of the morning sun. The still morning aurora, the purified new sky, and reddening san ripples, all these panoramic views are enough to awake the sleepy heads. So spend a night here at the dunes to wake up to the new radiance of the sunrise.

3. Surfing over the Sandboard

Try surfing the dynamic sand ripples on the barren of Arabia. Grab a sandboard and compete with your fellows till each one of you end up in breathless chuckles. Sandboarding is an exhilarating fun activity at the dunes of Dubai. In this, you talk to the breeze while balancing your feet on a flat wooden board. This activity is also complementary in every second itinerary, like a camel ride. You are allowed to surf the golden dunes your heart out. So, grab your sandboard and bury your worries in the Arabian sand. In short, it is the best way to spend your vacation in Dubai

4. Dune Bashing and Quad Biking

The real vantage at the dunes begins when the SUVs start drifting on the terrain. Cover the shaky slopes of sand dunes in ATV bikes and dunes buggies to meet a downright thrill. An expert guide will be assisting you during these insane adventures just to assure your safety. 

The sports arena of desert safari offers dune bashing and quad biking of 15 to 30 minutes.

The skilled drivers don’t let the heavy-duty tires of the SUVs get stuck on high slopes of sand and drift them super fast. Thereby you experience the ultimate thrill which you are here for! Cross the sand ridges in a kinetic flight while seating belted in a dune bashing vehicle. 

5. The Adorned Carvansaries 

After cuddling up in golden sand, you are escorted to the Bedouin-themed camps to get refreshed. These camps are decorated on the theme of tribal Arabian custom which reflects their archaic lifestyle. You’ll be awe-struck by how the natives have preserved their nomadic lifestyle in form of Bedouin-style camp. This traditional living of Arabs has acquired an appealing aura of hospitality. A night stay at the dunes becomes more shamanistic when you rest in these adorable bohemian camps of nomads.

6. Live Depiction of Art and Dance

The night of entertainment at the desert safari is unforgettable. Witness live depiction of the incredible art performed by stunning artists. Enjoy the stickman show, the cultural Khaleeji dance, and get overwhelmed by the striking moves of belly dancers. The fire dance leaves you stunned when the stuntmen perform the blazing stunts with fire rings and rods. There is also a depiction of the renowned Sufi dance of the Arabs called Tanura. These super entertaining live performances will lighten up your mood. These are exclusive in the after-sun expedition to the Dubai dunes.

7. Beautiful Landscape and Stargazing

The majestic land of desert safari is the epitome of peace. The infinite sand ocean seems so luminous as if dipped in gold. Right after the sunset, when the newly born dusk covers the dunes, a traveler’s dreams endure their reality. The night campers get delighted with stargazing at half-past night, outside their camp. The dunes are in their foremost bloom in the indigo of night and that’s what a wanderer finds gratifying. Are you a night admirer too? If yes, then don’t miss out on stargazing on a sleepless night at a desert safari.

8. BBQ and Buffet 

The BBQ and buffet are set in the midst of the dunes to bless your taste buds with the taste of middle-eastern savory. There are several veg and non-veg food items set at the buffet for the guests. These include charcoal roasted meat, veggies, a variety of salads, appetizers, and international cuisines as well. Refresh yourself by grabbing a glass full of chilled soft drinks and have a refill multiple times for free. Dates and Arabian coffee are served in tandem and there is also a treat for tea-lovers. So, forget the concept of having a meal like nomads in the desert and enjoy the feast!


There is a lot more to explore in the reddening Arabian desert apart from just a read on the internet. An overnight desert safari is perfect for those who want a break from a hustling life and need to spend some quality time with their people. From lying on the sand beds in sleeping bags to watching the magical sunrise, it offers exactly what a wanderer needs. 



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